6-Seater Wedding Cars

6-seater wedding cars are the perfect choice for couples who want a stylish and comfortable way to get to their wedding. These cars typically have a spacious interior that can accommodate up to six passengers, making them ideal for small weddings. They also come with a range of features and amenities that can make your journey more enjoyable, such as climate control and sound systems.
If you’re looking for a wedding car that can accommodate your entire wedding party, consider booking a larger vehicle such as a stretch limo or 6-seater wedding car.

Regular cab services

Regular cab services are largely for leisure, excursion, tourism, and business purposes. But at platinum maxi cab Singapore, we have a better idea. As we provide a fleet for every event, we do not exclude Weddings. Weddings are special and beautiful events. They spell the beginning of something new and exciting for two individuals: the bride and groom.

And what is a wedding without memories? You get to marry the love of your life only once in your lifetime; it is important to create memories that will last the test of time. And there is no better way to start creating those memories than starting with your wedding transport. For brides and grooms who want a taste of luxury for their wedding, you can start by hiring our 6-seater wedding car. 

6-Seater Wedding Car For Business

Well, the 6-seater wedding car is a luxury fleet so it can fit into a business fleet category. But our 6 seater wedding car is not designed only for weddings. It can be used for business if the need arises. 

You can use our luxury 6-seater wedding car for couples beyond weddings for your honeymoon. If you want to go on a getaway vacation or weekend, then our luxury 6-seater wedding limousine is available at your service. 

Our 6 Seater Wedding Car Service

We love to make our clients happy, and your happiness greatly benefits us. At platinum MaxiCab, our 6-seater wedding car services are available for clients throughout Singapore. We provide top-quality service to help you create that long-lasting memory. 

When you book with us, your wedding, honeymoon, picnic, tour, and vacation are in absolutely safe hands. We also provide qualified professionals to help you enjoy your transport seamlessly. Our chauffeurs are the best in the industry, and we pride ourselves on offering the best quality wedding cab service in Singapore. 

Why You Should Use 6 Seater Wedding Car In Singapore 

You should travel with 4 Seater Wedding Car in Singapore for many reasons. If luxury is part of your goal for your wedding, then nothing beats our 6-seater wedding car. Aside from the professional chauffeurs who mount the wheel to take you around, the car has a great interior, elegant leather seat, and massive climate control to help you enjoy comfort.

With the 6-seater wedding car, you can enjoy the best journey from your hotel or home to the wedding venue. You also arrive for your wedding in luxury and style. At platinum MaxiCab Singapore, we aim to help you bring your fantasy to reality regarding your wedding. We know what you want and deliver just that. Our services are top-notch you wouldn’t have a cause for complaints.


There is nothing better than creating special memories on your wedding day. If you are looking to create memories or you want to have a feel of luxury, you are at the right place. At platinum maxi cab Singapore, our 6-seater wedding car is the key to memories. With our wedding car, luxury and glamour are sure. With our chauffeurs’ help, you can enjoy the best wedding experience. 


What type of fleet is the 6-seater wedding car

Our Mercedes E280 limousine is usually the choice fleet for a 6-seater wedding car. But depending on your fleet choice, we can make any 6-seater car available. We also have special fleets strictly for wedding purposes; when you book with us, you enjoy our special offers. 

How to book 6 seater wedding car in Singapore

It is easy to book a 6-seater wedding car in Singapore. You can book from us at platinum maxi cab Singapore. You can book directly on our website through the booking page. It is relatively fast and easy. Call us if you find it stressful; our number is on our website. Alternatively, you can reach us through Whatsapp our customer service is always available 24 hours daily to attend to you. 

Can I Book a Cheaper 6 Seater Wedding Car In Singapore

The package may be tweaked a little bit, but yes, you can book a cheaper 6-seater wedding car in Singapore. For more information, contact our customer service center for better service.

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