9-13 Seater Minibus, Singapore maxi cab

Our 9-13 seater Minibus or maxi cab is perfect for small groups traveling in Singapore. With ample space for luggage and comfortable seating, this vehicle is perfect for getting around the city.

A perfect trip can be ruined by not having the most suitable travel option. If you are planning a trip for a large group to Singapore for family, friends, or business, your first concern would be how to transport your group comfortably without wasting time or having to split up. If this is you, then there is no better choice than to hire Platinum MaxiCab Singapore 9-13 seater minibus. Our 9-13 seater minibus has been specially designed to accommodate a large group conveniently. It has ample space for your luggage or even bulky items. The two back seats can be lowered to accommodate more. Our 9-13 seater buses have style, space, and security to give you the best traveling experience that will leave you with a smile.


9-13 Seater minibus guarantees exceptional trip in Singapore

Platinum MaxiCab Singapore is set to make sure you have the best group trip experience in Singapore. A group trip is a great way to create beautiful memories, have fun, and experience bonding moments among friends, colleagues, students, and families. However, planning this can be a hassle, especially for large groups. What use is a group trip if you cannot travel together and have fun? This is why our 9-13 seater minibus is a perfect fit for your trip. You never have to worry about transport as our drivers can pick you up on arrival and take you anywhere you want to go in a luxurious and comfortable ride. There is enough space for your group and even enough legroom, so say goodbye to crappy rides. With our services, you can forget about your worries and have fun.

Beat the traffic with our 9-13 seater minibus

Also, who said that our 9-13 seater minibus is only for tourists? If you live in Singapore and have a business that requires you to move many items, then you require the service of Platinum MaxiCab Singapore 9-13 seater minibus. We also cater to workers and employees who want to get to work on time and beat the traffic. Imagine you get ready for work, and when you set out, there is a vehicle readily waiting for you with your other colleagues so that you can all get to work on time. It beats having to spend time looking for a cab on the street and then being stuck in traffic, right? 

Also, if you want to embark on a business trip and avoid a part of your workers arriving late to the event, jump on the smooth transportation wagon. Platinum Maxi Cab Singapore is your one-stop transport service provider in Singapore. So beat the stress and traffic and treat your staff to a comfortable ride.


Platinum MaxiCab Singapore is 100% committed to providing you with the best transport services. We offer premium services both for business and leisure. Our 9-13 seater minibus is one of our fleet of affordable, comfortable, and safe transportation services. It is equipped with everything you need to have an exceptional journey in Singapore. 


How to book a 9-13 seater minibus in Singapore

You can book our services through our online booking platform, or you can place a call to our hotline to book our 9-13 minibus services. If you prefer texting to calls, you can also reach out to us via Whatsapp, and our team of qualified professionals will attend to you promptly. With your bookings intact, you are one step away from having a very conducive and comfortable trip in Singapore.

How to book cheaper 9-13 seater minibus in Singapore

There is no need to panic if you do not have cash on you. We have online payment options readily available for you. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, among others. We are ready to give you a luxurious and comfortable ride on a budget.    

There are various flat rate options that you can opt for and still get the best of your trip. You can reach out to our customer service center via call or Whatsapp to pick the rate option suitable for you. Likewise, you can make a quick stop and check our website for more information.  

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