Bicycle Transfer and Moving Bulky Items

Bicycle Transfer and Moving Bulky Items 2023

There is a couple of transport provided bicycle transfer and moving bulky items in Singapore. But Platinum Maxicabs is the best for bicycle transfer and moving items, your comfort and convenience are our priority. We seek to make your travel and commuting experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We make available different luxurious transport vehicles you can book to match your needs and preferences. As part of our wide range of transport services, we also offer a fleet of bicycles and moving trucks to suit the different needs of our customers.

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Bicycles of All kinds For all  Purposes

Do you need a bicycle to commute short distances, and exercise fitness? Tour the beautiful sights and sceneries of Singapore, or embark on recreational trips with family and friends? Platinum Maxicabs has got you covered. We have a range of aesthetic and well-functioning bicycles for you: road, mountain, kid’s, folding, tandem, and more. We are also invested in your safety and have taken the necessary safety precautions to minimize the risks of accidents. 

Moving items

Moving items often is a tedious process fraught with worries of moving the items efficiently, on time, and with minimum damage to them. With Platinum Maxicabs moving trucks service, you can rest assured of any moving process being easy, smooth, efficient, and stress-free. Our trucks are spacious and suitable for moving large and multiple items. They are also well-maintained and driven by qualified, courteous, highly-trained drivers. Your items will be handled with utmost care and moved safely to your desired location.


Different vehicles suit different transport purposes, and we are responsible for providing the transport services that will be most efficient or preferred for any purpose. Our bicycles and trucks are comfortable and regularly maintained to ensure you get the best service possible. We are committed to making your rides relaxing and luxurious while you traverse Singapore.


How to Access Efficient Bicycle and Moving Item Service in Singapore

Accessing our bicycle and moving item service is relatively easy. Visit our website to book our service. Alternatively, you could reach our customer service representative via call, who is on standby and ready to attend to calls every hour of the day. We are also reachable through WhatsApp – click on the WhatsApp icon on our website, which will lead you directly to our chat platform, where you can contact a customer service representative. 

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