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Singapore is a busy metropolis full of bustling streets and noisy traffic. It is not a place for the faint-hearted, but if you love adventure by booking a 23-seater bus/coach in Singapore. Singapore is the ideal place for your holiday. The city is packed full of attractions, from museums and historic sites to popular attractions and shopping.

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If you want to experience Singapore from a different perspective, why not take a ride on a luxury coach bus? Private tours allow you to explore the city in comfort and style. They also give you the chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of Singapore in a way that is unique to the city. A Singapore coach tour will take you from one attraction to another, giving you the chance to take in all the sights of Singapore in one day.
The options of what to do in Singapore are endless, and your Singapore coach tour will lead you to all the best locations.

Cab services keep evolving by the day. And travelling has gone beyond moving from one place to another by individuals and immediate family alone. Travelling in a group is a good way to foster professionalism and intimacy between coworkers and family. That is where the 23-seater bus comes in. For tourism and special occasion, this fleet is suitable for conveying a large group of a little over 20 people. 

Charter services provided by fleets like the 23-seater bus have proven their reliability over the years. At platinum maxi cab, our 23-seater bus is spacious and well-designed to provide the comfort and relaxation you require for your next trip.

23-seater bus for tourist

The 23-seater bus is a perfect fleet for a large tourist group. The bus is designed to provide comfort. No need to compromise to accommodate others; there is space for everyone. As much as this fleet is more suitable for tourists, it is not restricted to only tourism. 

Yes, it is perfect for tourists. But that is not the only reason why this fleet is available. If you have an event or occasion and need to convey a large group from point to point, this is the option for you. 

Our 23-seater bus services

The 23 seater bus will be a perfect tourist option, especially for a group with 20 plus people. But our services are not restricted to tourists. We are at your service for weddings, group escorts, picnics or camping. Our goal is to satisfy our customers. If a service satisfies you, then we are up to the task.  

Our service can be one-way, return service, hourly travel or just point-to-point delivery. But anywhere you want to take your team, our 23-seater bus service in Singapore is always available to you. 

Why you should use 23 seater bus from the Platinum maxi cab in Singapore

At Platinum maxi cab, we have the best 23-seater bus available for hire. You can always rely on our services. Our midsize bus is well-designed to carry at least 23 people comfortably. We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure you enjoy a wonderful travel experience with your group.

Our 23-seater bus services are available throughout Singapore. If you want to enjoy intimacy between your group or extended family, then the 23-seater is your best option. This bus doesn’t need to break your group into two. You can have everyone compact in the same fleet. Travelling as a unit helps your mind be at peace as you have everyone together. You wouldn’t need to worry about others in another cab. We aim to eliminate any form of worry that can impact your travel experience. That is why we at platinum maxi cab Singapore are always at your service. 

Our professionals are well-equipped with all they need to help you enjoy a seamless travel experience. Our fleets are not only designed to make you comfortable, but they also provide an embracing setting to help you maintain the right mood needed for your journey. 


Our 23-seater buses are comfortable, reliable and beautiful. Our services at platinum maxi cab are top-notch. We offer nothing short of the best. Your safety and comfort matter to us. Helping you enjoy an amazing travel experience is a priority to us. Our team of professional chauffeurs are ready and available to give you a memorable travel experience. Our fleets are top-notch, and we aim to provide you with the comfort and luxury you deserve. Book a 23-seater bus in Singapore today from platinum maxi cab Singapore for your next travel to create memories you will never forget. 


How to book 23 seater bus in Singapore

It is hassle-free to book our 23-seater bus service in Singapore. Our services are available 24 hours daily. You can gain easy access to us when you visit our website. You can book on our website; you specify your travel type, cab choice, and destination. You can also reach us via call or WhatsApp to place your booking. All information is available on our website. 

How to book a cheaper 23 seater in Singapore

There is always a fleet for you and your group, even if you are working with a budget. Our flat rates are options you can leverage. Although to enjoy cheaper options, you can contact our service centre via call or WhatsApp for more information. 

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