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Transportation is beyond moving from point to point. The comfort of such transportation is of vital importance, especially for a long journey. Book 24-45 Seater Coach Bus in Singapore not only gives comfort but also accommodates up to 45 persons going for an event or trip.

The 24-45 seater coach book can be driven by a professional. This coach bus is best for long journeys. The distance to the destination outside the town, state, or country is suitable for a 24-45 seater coach bus. Going to a business seminar, a function with colleagues, or a social event with relatives can be difficult with a car.

We provide

The platinum maxi cab provides  24-45 seater coach services throughout Singapore. Our 24-45 seater coach gives luxury, comfort, and convenience for your long journey. The 24-45 seater coach is well-designed to convey more than 24 persons with relative ease. 


24-45 seater coach for business 

There is a fleet for every event. The 24-45 seater is not only a touring fleet, it is a multipurpose fleet suitable for many events. It’s spacious, air-conditioned, and cushioned with a touch of luxury. 

A 24-45 seater coach is not designed only for social events alone. It can be used for business purposes. The spacious 24-45 seater couch is a preferable option for traveling in comfort to long distances by many friends, relatives, and colleagues.

This is for you if you enjoy relaxation, bonding, and spending time together on road trips. This is the perfect bus for you if you want luxury and convenience for long travel. The 24-45 seater bus is suitable for social events, corporate events, business functions, seminars, and other events. 

Also, the 24-45 seater coach in Singapore is best for a large number of tourists. It offers you an incredible experience as you absorb the city in luxury and comfort. Nothing compares to that. 


Our 24-45 seater coach service 

At platinum maxi cab Singapore, we offer affordable and excellent travel services. Our clients are our top priority. Our 24-45 seater coaches are accessible throughout Singapore. Your social and corporate events, business, and leisure trip are in safe hands when you book with us.

The Platinum maxi cab Singapore has a team of highly trained chauffeurs on standby to serve and make sure you have the full extravagant experience you desire. Our luxurious and comfortable coach buses are the best for your event, and you will be satisfied with us. 


Why you should use a 24-45 seater coach in Singapore 

A lot of benefits are associated with traveling in our spacious and air-conditioned 24-45 seater coach. Our 24-45 seater coach is an affordable option for traveling with value and luxury for every minute of it. Also, the coach bus provides safety and trustworthiness in our 24-45 seater coach. You are guaranteed to receive top-notch and quality service, which matters to us.

Furthermore, the 24-45 seater coach is a leisure and relaxation bus. When traveling in our coach bus, you spend time catching up and bonding with relatives and friends on the long journey. Also, the 24-45 seater coach allows for some safe, fun games and activities for teens, children, and adults. The spacious and comfortable coach bus provides easy conductive eating and drinking environment. 


The 24-45 seater coach is a spacious, convenient, and leisurely ride. We at Platinum maxi cab offer top-notch service. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We provide quality services you cherish after your ride with us. Our 24-45 seater coach guarantees comfort, leisure, safety, reliability, luxury, and quality service at an affordable price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a 24-45 seater coach in Singapore 

Booking our 24-45 seater coach is very easy and from any location. The platinum maxi cab is available 24 hours daily. Call our hotline at any time of the day and our standby proficient professionals are ready to serve you. We also have an online platform, WhatsApp, available round the clock. You can contact us on WhatsApp, and our customer support will respond promptly. 


How to book an affordable 24-45 seater coach in Singapore

Our spacious and air-conditioned 24-45 seater coach has different categories to suit every budget, making it affordable for everyone. To enjoy maximum satisfaction at an affordable price, you can contact our customer service via call or WhatsApp for more information.

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