Book Easy Airport Transfer 2023

If you are an advancer or traveler you should know how to book an easy airport transfer in Singapore. for over two decades now, flying has been the preferred choice for many when traveling from one country or region to another. Traveling by air is fast and reliable, but your journey doesn’t start there. Your airport transfer is the starting point of your air travel. 

We provide

7-Searer maxicab

6-seater maxicab

and more

Having a bad airport transfer experience can impact your whole flight experience significantly. Like many developed countries, Singapore has many airport transfer services but Platinum MaxiCab is better to help you enjoy your flight experience. 

Whether you are organizing a field trip for your department or school or need an airport transfer at midnight, your best option is to book a transport maxi cab. It is efficient and hassle-free. 

Sometimes it can be tiring to get the right airport transfer company. Look no further platinum maxi cab offers top-quality professional airport transfer services in Singapore.

Are airport transfers only from the airport? 

Considering some dedicated taxis are at the airport, it would not be wrong for you to assume airport transfers exist only from the airport to your destination where ever you like to go in Singapore. 

Contrary to that opinion, airport transfer services are available both from your location to the airport and from the airport to your chosen location. If you are serious to book a maxi cab call +65 9777 7524 or WhatsApp now 24/7

Why you should book your next airport transfer at platinum maxicab

At platinum maxi cab, numerous top-quality options are available when you want airport transfer services. Our services are well-designed to suit your needs. As a client, your satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure you enjoy a seamless airport transfer service to and from the airport. 

Our professional chauffeurs have expert knowledge of every area in Singapore, which enables them to give you the best travel experience. Our prices are cost-effective and very affordable for all classes of customers. 

Our response is prompt. We are always on standby clients who need our airport transfer service can gain access to us at any hour of the day. When you book with us, we keep track of your travel time; by doing that, we help you avoid unnecessary queuing and avoidable stress before and after your trip. We offer both private and group airport transfer services. 

Our chauffeurs are well-trained. They possess exceptional customer service qualities; they are dedicated to ensuring you enjoy quality service throughout your travel experience. With our team of qualified professionals, you have nothing to worry about in your flight experience. 

Our Fleet for Airport Transfer

We provide the best fleets available for airport transfers. We have the perfect cab for every occasion. For weddings, business trips, corporate events, or parties, we have the right fleet to pick you up from the airport or take you straight to the airport. 

It doesn’t matter the size of the group; there’s a fleet perfect for the number. 4 seater limousine, 6 seater limousine, 7 seater maxi cab, and Mercedes E & S class are some of our luxurious fleets available for you to leverage.  


Airport transfer is the starting point of your travel or the intermission that will determine whether you have an amazing flight and a stress-free day or otherwise. Getting the right airport transfer service provider is very important. At platinum maxi cab, we are dedicated to relieving you of every avoidable stress by providing you with the best airport transfer service. It doesn’t matter the number of the group or the occasion. We have just the right fleet for you. 


How to book an Airport transfer in Singapore?

For your convenience, we have made booking for airport transfer service relatively easy. You can visit our website to book your airport transfer. You can also reach out to our customer service via call. Our team of professionals is always on standby to attend to you at any hour of the day. You can also reach out to us via WhatsApp. The WhatsApp icon on our website leads you directly to our chat platform, where you can contact a customer service representative. 

How to book cheaper Airport transfers in Singapore?

Depending on your fleet of choice, cheaper options for airport transfers are available. But to be sure of a cheaper airport transfer booking option, you should contact our customer service via call or WhatsApp. There is just the right cab for your travels.

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