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Book wheelchair transport and taxi with the rising inflation rate and the aftermath of COVID-19 still affecting many, everyone is trying to limit their expenses in non-essential spending. However, caring for a family member who uses a wheelchair isn’t a luxury but a core need.

At Platinum Maxicab Singapore, we offer wheelchair transport and taxi service to ensure that people who need this service get around quickly in style and comfort. We ensure they are safe and comfortable while traveling with us. We guarantee a memorable travel experience.

We have a team of qualified professional chauffeurs who are well-equipped to give you an easy and stress-free journey. We treat our clients with the utmost respect, keep waiting at the bare minimum and show up on time to get you to and from your destination while ensuring your safety. 

What Makes Our Wheelchair Transport and Taxi Services Unique

Platinum Maxicab Singapore is known for providing exceptional experiences to all our customers, and we extend our standards to people with disabilities. Our maxi cabs and minibusses for disabled persons have ramps integrated, allowing you to easily and safely board our vehicles with your wheelchairs.

Our customers travel with professional chauffeurs with quality, experience, and training to guarantee your comfort and safety while you travel. Our chauffeurs will help you get on board by driving your wheelchair into the comfy wheelchair taxi, stick around throughout the journey and help you alight at the end of the trip.

Platinum Maxicab Provide

With the maxi cab and minibusses provided at Platinum Maxicab Singapore, we do not dismount or transfer wheelchair users into the car seat. We only lift or push the wheelchair into the vehicle, and the user is belted up either with the wheelchair seat belt or one provided by the driver.

The users remain sitting in their wheelchairs throughout the journey. We also provide restraints or straps that securely hold down the wheelchairs to prevent them from moving during the trip.

Also, we are always active in taking your bookings, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our fleet comprises comfortable and luxury vehicles to give you a fantastic journey. We accept special and customized requests with no hidden charges.

Why Do You Need Wheelchair Transport and Taxi Services

Individuals who use wheelchairs usually have a reason or two to move from one location to another. Moving a loved one or family member who is disabled is not an easy feat. This is why we require the services of Wheelchair transport and taxi to help us commute with our family member who uses a wheelchair.

Platinum Maxicab Singapore provides a point-to-point transport service for individuals who use wheelchairs to commute without dismounting from their wheelchairs. Here are a few reasons why you may need our services:

  • Medical Appointment: Why burden yourself with the stress of commuting your family member who uses a wheelchair to the hospital for a checkup? Quickly give us a call today, and we will provide a maxi cab to convene the wheelchair user and three caregivers to the hospital.
  • Social Event: Because a person uses a wheelchair doesn’t mean they have to miss all the important events around them. Whether for weddings, excursions, recreations, or a dinner appointment, we are available to ensure you travel comfortably in our wheelchair transport and taxi services.
  • Airport Transfers: Are you heading to the airport and wondering how to transport your family member who uses a wheelchair? Our wheelchair transport and taxi service will safely take you, your family, and your luggage to the airport.
  • Elderly and Seniors: Do you want seniors to move around safely and comfortably? Our transport service will drive your seniors to daycare and rehabilitation centers in safety and luxury.


If you are looking for a wheelchair transport and taxi service in Singapore that prioritizes safety and comfort, make sure you book a trip with Platinum Maxicab Singapore service.

At Platinum Maxicab Singapore, we prioritize our customers and offer them excellent wheelchair transport and taxi service in Singapore with comfort and luxury as a perk. We ensure that our customers are secure and comfy while journeying with us.


How to book wheelchair transport and taxi in Singapore

Wheelchair transport and taxi services are delicate, and not every cab service company offers these services. At Platinum Maxicab Singapore, we offer this service. We are available 24/7. You can check our website or chat with us on WhatsApp to book your next ride.

How to book cheaper wheelchair transport and taxi in Singapore

You should contact our customer service center via call or WhatsApp for more information on this. 

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