Book Mercedes S-Slass in Singapore

If you ever need Book Mercedes S-Slass in Singapore, you can count on Platinum Maxicab Singapore to be your go-to taxi company. We have what it takes and are always ready to satisfy our clients. Our organization has many automobile fleets that may be arranged according to your specifications. Do you need a luxury vehicle for work, family, or pleasure?

The Platinum Maxicab replicates the luxurious inside of a Mercedes S-class vehicle, with roomy seats and convenient features.

Our Platinum Maxicab service offers you a luxurious journey in a spotlessly clean vehicle outfitted with all the conveniences and amenities you would find in your home. We will supply you with high-quality automobiles and experienced drivers who will make every effort to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

Our Mercedes S-class for Luxury and Business (Features)

At Platinum Maxi Cab Singapore, we work hard to ensure that each client has an enjoyable and stress-free experience while using our services. To provide a pleasant experience while behind the wheel, we equip each vehicle with high-end amenities inside and out.

The S-Class is a luxury saloon with many engines, features, and AMG performance variants. It’s the most expensive car in the Mercedes range and sits at the top of their model line.

The Book Mercedes S-Slass in Singapore also has a new steering wheel with touch control buttons for climate and entertainment functions. There’s also a new head-up display that shows speed, navigation instructions, and other information on a transparent strip in front of the driver.

Mercedes S-Class

The Mercedes S-Class is at the top of its class regarding luxury cars. It has a refined interior, leather seats, and large windows that help you see clearly while driving. The car also has many safety features, such as automatic braking systems which can detect obstacles up to 650 feet away and prevent accidents before they happen.

Furthermore, to make the S-class a more business-friendly vehicle, Mercedes has added several new features. The rear seats can now be folded in a 40/20/40 configuration, allowing for greater storage space when needed. A new optional feature is Magic Body Control, which uses sensors to detect road conditions and then self-adjusts the suspension accordingly.

Another useful feature for those who need to carry a lot of cargo is the trunk’s low loading height (1 meter 30 cm) and its capacity of 1,520 liters – more extensive than many other luxury sedans offer.

Our Mercedes S-class Service

Platinum Maxicab Singapore is the only company in Singapore that provides this one-of-a-kind service. We take great care to guarantee that every service we provide brings joy to our patrons. Additionally, we cover the whole of Singapore with our service availability. If you order a Mercedes S-class with us, we will ensure that the driver is presentable and on time for your reservation.

In addition, if you don’t want our chauffeur to take you around, at platinum maxi cab Singapore, we offer you the option to drive yourself as long as it satisfies you.


The Mercedes S-class is one of the most luxurious and technologically advanced cars on the road. It symbolizes luxury and success, with a price tag to match. The S-Class offers everything you

 would expect from an expensive luxury car: power, comfort, style, and performance, but it also has some surprising features that set it apart from its competitors. We await your reservation at our company. We are always at your service. Your comfort is always our priority. 


How to book a Mercedes S-class in Singapore?

You can book your Mercedes S-class in Singapore with Platinum MaxiCab Singapore. You may use our website to order a taxi at Platinum Maxicab Singapore. We provide all of their clients with the ability to make reservations online. Additionally, you may email or Whatsapp us. You may contact us anytime since we are available around the clock.

How to book a cheaper Mercedes S-class in Singapore?

Some of our clients believe they may only make a reservation for a Mercedes S-class if they have a large budget. That is untrue. Making luxury attainable for our customers is one of our goals at platinum maxi cab Singapore. 

To book a cheaper 

Mercedes S-class in Singapore, you can contact our customer service center for more information.

Book 40-49 Seater Bus In Singapore

A 40-49 Seater Bus Booking in Singapore. Everyone wants to travel with a memorable experience. Comfortable and reliable transportation is key. A spacious bus is a key to a memorable trip, especially if you are traveling with a large group. You can focus on the fun of the ride and not the discomfort of being cramped in a smaller bus. A bus with 40 to 49 seats is a safe and comfortable option for a safe and comfortable ride.

The 40-49 seater bus is a great option for smaller groups. It offers great value and features such as air conditioning and reclining seats. The 40-49-seater bus is ideal for those over 40. It is spacious and can accommodate everyone.

A bus with 40-49 seats is ideal for tall people as they can easily stand on the bus. You will have plenty of room for all your luggage and loads. Our 40-49-seater bus is highly recommended if you want to travel to Singapore with a group and have an unforgettable experience.

We offer 40-49 seater bus services to both locals and tourists

Our 40-49-seater bus offers comfort, convenience, and safety to tourists. However, residents of Singapore can also use them. Both tourists and locals can benefit from our reliable and affordable bus services.

Our comfortable bus is ideal for tourists visiting Singapore. It can carry up to 49 passengers and is large enough to accommodate your luggage and bulky items.

It can be difficult to arrange a trip for a group to Singapore. If you don’t own a vehicle that can carry you, you will need to rent another car. Platinum maxi cab Singapore is here to help. Book the 40-49 seater bus and you won’t need to manage multiple drivers. Here are some additional benefits to our services.

1. Eco-friendliness

Traffic increases when a lot of people are traveling in different vehicles. This can lead to increased pollution and fuel consumption. It will reduce fuel consumption and pollute less when you travel in our bus, which can carry 40 to 49 people.

2. Cost-effective

It is more economical to travel in one large bus than in multiple cars. Because the cost of transportation is divided among the passengers, traveling in a bus with 40 to 49 seats is more economical than traveling in separate vehicles.

3. Easy Navigation

You may feel overwhelmed when trying to find your way around Singapore. Our bus services for 40 to 49 passengers allow you and your group to relax and enjoy sightseeing while our chauffeurs take them to the places you want to see.


For groups of 40 to 49 passengers, the bus is the best option. It’s comfortable, convenient, and stress-free. Platinum MaxiCab Singapore will make your travel experience unforgettable. Our service is top-notch and includes professional drivers and clean vehicles. You can book our bus with 40 to 49 seats for your next trip and enjoy luxury, comfort, great memories, and the best service.


Where can I book a bus for 40 to 49 people in Singapore?

It is easy to book our bus service for 40-49 passengers. Our hotline is available at all hours of the day. Professionals are always on hand to assist you.

We can chat with you via WhatsApp if you prefer to talk over the phone. Chat with us via WhatsApp to receive a quick response.

Online payments using payment options like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and American Express can also be accepted.

How do I book a bus for 40-49 seats in Singapore?

Our services are affordable and you can choose from a bus with a capacity of 40 to 49 passengers. Flat rates are a cheaper option.

For more information or clarification, you can call our customer service at +65 9777 7524

Book 24-45 Seater Coach Bus

Transportation is beyond moving from point to point. The comfort of such transportation is of vital importance, especially for a long journey. Book 24-45 Seater Coach Bus in Singapore not only gives comfort but also accommodates up to 45 persons going for an event or trip.

The 24-45 seater coach book can be driven by a professional. This coach bus is best for long journeys. The distance to the destination outside the town, state, or country is suitable for a 24-45 seater coach bus. Going to a business seminar, a function with colleagues, or a social event with relatives can be difficult with a car.

We provide

The platinum maxi cab provides  24-45 seater coach services throughout Singapore. Our 24-45 seater coach gives luxury, comfort, and convenience for your long journey. The 24-45 seater coach is well-designed to convey more than 24 persons with relative ease. 


24-45 seater coach for business 

There is a fleet for every event. The 24-45 seater is not only a touring fleet, it is a multipurpose fleet suitable for many events. It’s spacious, air-conditioned, and cushioned with a touch of luxury. 

A 24-45 seater coach is not designed only for social events alone. It can be used for business purposes. The spacious 24-45 seater couch is a preferable option for traveling in comfort to long distances by many friends, relatives, and colleagues.

This is for you if you enjoy relaxation, bonding, and spending time together on road trips. This is the perfect bus for you if you want luxury and convenience for long travel. The 24-45 seater bus is suitable for social events, corporate events, business functions, seminars, and other events. 

Also, the 24-45 seater coach in Singapore is best for a large number of tourists. It offers you an incredible experience as you absorb the city in luxury and comfort. Nothing compares to that. 


Our 24-45 seater coach service 

At platinum maxi cab Singapore, we offer affordable and excellent travel services. Our clients are our top priority. Our 24-45 seater coaches are accessible throughout Singapore. Your social and corporate events, business, and leisure trip are in safe hands when you book with us.

The Platinum maxi cab Singapore has a team of highly trained chauffeurs on standby to serve and make sure you have the full extravagant experience you desire. Our luxurious and comfortable coach buses are the best for your event, and you will be satisfied with us. 


Why you should use a 24-45 seater coach in Singapore 

A lot of benefits are associated with traveling in our spacious and air-conditioned 24-45 seater coach. Our 24-45 seater coach is an affordable option for traveling with value and luxury for every minute of it. Also, the coach bus provides safety and trustworthiness in our 24-45 seater coach. You are guaranteed to receive top-notch and quality service, which matters to us.

Furthermore, the 24-45 seater coach is a leisure and relaxation bus. When traveling in our coach bus, you spend time catching up and bonding with relatives and friends on the long journey. Also, the 24-45 seater coach allows for some safe, fun games and activities for teens, children, and adults. The spacious and comfortable coach bus provides easy conductive eating and drinking environment. 


The 24-45 seater coach is a spacious, convenient, and leisurely ride. We at Platinum maxi cab offer top-notch service. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We provide quality services you cherish after your ride with us. Our 24-45 seater coach guarantees comfort, leisure, safety, reliability, luxury, and quality service at an affordable price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a 24-45 seater coach in Singapore 

Booking our 24-45 seater coach is very easy and from any location. The platinum maxi cab is available 24 hours daily. Call our hotline at any time of the day and our standby proficient professionals are ready to serve you. We also have an online platform, WhatsApp, available round the clock. You can contact us on WhatsApp, and our customer support will respond promptly. 


How to book an affordable 24-45 seater coach in Singapore

Our spacious and air-conditioned 24-45 seater coach has different categories to suit every budget, making it affordable for everyone. To enjoy maximum satisfaction at an affordable price, you can contact our customer service via call or WhatsApp for more information.

Book 23-Seater Bus/ Coach in Singapore

Singapore is a busy metropolis full of bustling streets and noisy traffic. It is not a place for the faint-hearted, but if you love adventure by booking a 23-seater bus/coach in Singapore. Singapore is the ideal place for your holiday. The city is packed full of attractions, from museums and historic sites to popular attractions and shopping.

We provide

If you want to experience Singapore from a different perspective, why not take a ride on a luxury coach bus? Private tours allow you to explore the city in comfort and style. They also give you the chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of Singapore in a way that is unique to the city. A Singapore coach tour will take you from one attraction to another, giving you the chance to take in all the sights of Singapore in one day.
The options of what to do in Singapore are endless, and your Singapore coach tour will lead you to all the best locations.

Cab services keep evolving by the day. And travelling has gone beyond moving from one place to another by individuals and immediate family alone. Travelling in a group is a good way to foster professionalism and intimacy between coworkers and family. That is where the 23-seater bus comes in. For tourism and special occasion, this fleet is suitable for conveying a large group of a little over 20 people. 

Charter services provided by fleets like the 23-seater bus have proven their reliability over the years. At platinum maxi cab, our 23-seater bus is spacious and well-designed to provide the comfort and relaxation you require for your next trip.

23-seater bus for tourist

The 23-seater bus is a perfect fleet for a large tourist group. The bus is designed to provide comfort. No need to compromise to accommodate others; there is space for everyone. As much as this fleet is more suitable for tourists, it is not restricted to only tourism. 

Yes, it is perfect for tourists. But that is not the only reason why this fleet is available. If you have an event or occasion and need to convey a large group from point to point, this is the option for you. 

Our 23-seater bus services

The 23 seater bus will be a perfect tourist option, especially for a group with 20 plus people. But our services are not restricted to tourists. We are at your service for weddings, group escorts, picnics or camping. Our goal is to satisfy our customers. If a service satisfies you, then we are up to the task.  

Our service can be one-way, return service, hourly travel or just point-to-point delivery. But anywhere you want to take your team, our 23-seater bus service in Singapore is always available to you. 

Why you should use 23 seater bus from the Platinum maxi cab in Singapore

At Platinum maxi cab, we have the best 23-seater bus available for hire. You can always rely on our services. Our midsize bus is well-designed to carry at least 23 people comfortably. We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure you enjoy a wonderful travel experience with your group.

Our 23-seater bus services are available throughout Singapore. If you want to enjoy intimacy between your group or extended family, then the 23-seater is your best option. This bus doesn’t need to break your group into two. You can have everyone compact in the same fleet. Travelling as a unit helps your mind be at peace as you have everyone together. You wouldn’t need to worry about others in another cab. We aim to eliminate any form of worry that can impact your travel experience. That is why we at platinum maxi cab Singapore are always at your service. 

Our professionals are well-equipped with all they need to help you enjoy a seamless travel experience. Our fleets are not only designed to make you comfortable, but they also provide an embracing setting to help you maintain the right mood needed for your journey. 


Our 23-seater buses are comfortable, reliable and beautiful. Our services at platinum maxi cab are top-notch. We offer nothing short of the best. Your safety and comfort matter to us. Helping you enjoy an amazing travel experience is a priority to us. Our team of professional chauffeurs are ready and available to give you a memorable travel experience. Our fleets are top-notch, and we aim to provide you with the comfort and luxury you deserve. Book a 23-seater bus in Singapore today from platinum maxi cab Singapore for your next travel to create memories you will never forget. 


How to book 23 seater bus in Singapore

It is hassle-free to book our 23-seater bus service in Singapore. Our services are available 24 hours daily. You can gain easy access to us when you visit our website. You can book on our website; you specify your travel type, cab choice, and destination. You can also reach us via call or WhatsApp to place your booking. All information is available on our website. 

How to book a cheaper 23 seater in Singapore

There is always a fleet for you and your group, even if you are working with a budget. Our flat rates are options you can leverage. Although to enjoy cheaper options, you can contact our service centre via call or WhatsApp for more information. 

6-Seater Wedding Cars

6-seater wedding cars are the perfect choice for couples who want a stylish and comfortable way to get to their wedding. These cars typically have a spacious interior that can accommodate up to six passengers, making them ideal for small weddings. They also come with a range of features and amenities that can make your journey more enjoyable, such as climate control and sound systems.
If you’re looking for a wedding car that can accommodate your entire wedding party, consider booking a larger vehicle such as a stretch limo or 6-seater wedding car.

Regular cab services

Regular cab services are largely for leisure, excursion, tourism, and business purposes. But at platinum maxi cab Singapore, we have a better idea. As we provide a fleet for every event, we do not exclude Weddings. Weddings are special and beautiful events. They spell the beginning of something new and exciting for two individuals: the bride and groom.

And what is a wedding without memories? You get to marry the love of your life only once in your lifetime; it is important to create memories that will last the test of time. And there is no better way to start creating those memories than starting with your wedding transport. For brides and grooms who want a taste of luxury for their wedding, you can start by hiring our 6-seater wedding car. 

6-Seater Wedding Car For Business

Well, the 6-seater wedding car is a luxury fleet so it can fit into a business fleet category. But our 6 seater wedding car is not designed only for weddings. It can be used for business if the need arises. 

You can use our luxury 6-seater wedding car for couples beyond weddings for your honeymoon. If you want to go on a getaway vacation or weekend, then our luxury 6-seater wedding limousine is available at your service. 

Our 6 Seater Wedding Car Service

We love to make our clients happy, and your happiness greatly benefits us. At platinum MaxiCab, our 6-seater wedding car services are available for clients throughout Singapore. We provide top-quality service to help you create that long-lasting memory. 

When you book with us, your wedding, honeymoon, picnic, tour, and vacation are in absolutely safe hands. We also provide qualified professionals to help you enjoy your transport seamlessly. Our chauffeurs are the best in the industry, and we pride ourselves on offering the best quality wedding cab service in Singapore. 

Why You Should Use 6 Seater Wedding Car In Singapore 

You should travel with 4 Seater Wedding Car in Singapore for many reasons. If luxury is part of your goal for your wedding, then nothing beats our 6-seater wedding car. Aside from the professional chauffeurs who mount the wheel to take you around, the car has a great interior, elegant leather seat, and massive climate control to help you enjoy comfort.

With the 6-seater wedding car, you can enjoy the best journey from your hotel or home to the wedding venue. You also arrive for your wedding in luxury and style. At platinum MaxiCab Singapore, we aim to help you bring your fantasy to reality regarding your wedding. We know what you want and deliver just that. Our services are top-notch you wouldn’t have a cause for complaints.


There is nothing better than creating special memories on your wedding day. If you are looking to create memories or you want to have a feel of luxury, you are at the right place. At platinum maxi cab Singapore, our 6-seater wedding car is the key to memories. With our wedding car, luxury and glamour are sure. With our chauffeurs’ help, you can enjoy the best wedding experience. 


What type of fleet is the 6-seater wedding car

Our Mercedes E280 limousine is usually the choice fleet for a 6-seater wedding car. But depending on your fleet choice, we can make any 6-seater car available. We also have special fleets strictly for wedding purposes; when you book with us, you enjoy our special offers. 

How to book 6 seater wedding car in Singapore

It is easy to book a 6-seater wedding car in Singapore. You can book from us at platinum maxi cab Singapore. You can book directly on our website through the booking page. It is relatively fast and easy. Call us if you find it stressful; our number is on our website. Alternatively, you can reach us through Whatsapp our customer service is always available 24 hours daily to attend to you. 

Can I Book a Cheaper 6 Seater Wedding Car In Singapore

The package may be tweaked a little bit, but yes, you can book a cheaper 6-seater wedding car in Singapore. For more information, contact our customer service center for better service.

9-13 Seater Minibus, Singapore maxi cab

Our 9-13 seater Minibus or maxi cab is perfect for small groups traveling in Singapore. With ample space for luggage and comfortable seating, this vehicle is perfect for getting around the city.

A perfect trip can be ruined by not having the most suitable travel option. If you are planning a trip for a large group to Singapore for family, friends, or business, your first concern would be how to transport your group comfortably without wasting time or having to split up. If this is you, then there is no better choice than to hire Platinum MaxiCab Singapore 9-13 seater minibus. Our 9-13 seater minibus has been specially designed to accommodate a large group conveniently. It has ample space for your luggage or even bulky items. The two back seats can be lowered to accommodate more. Our 9-13 seater buses have style, space, and security to give you the best traveling experience that will leave you with a smile.


9-13 Seater minibus guarantees exceptional trip in Singapore

Platinum MaxiCab Singapore is set to make sure you have the best group trip experience in Singapore. A group trip is a great way to create beautiful memories, have fun, and experience bonding moments among friends, colleagues, students, and families. However, planning this can be a hassle, especially for large groups. What use is a group trip if you cannot travel together and have fun? This is why our 9-13 seater minibus is a perfect fit for your trip. You never have to worry about transport as our drivers can pick you up on arrival and take you anywhere you want to go in a luxurious and comfortable ride. There is enough space for your group and even enough legroom, so say goodbye to crappy rides. With our services, you can forget about your worries and have fun.

Beat the traffic with our 9-13 seater minibus

Also, who said that our 9-13 seater minibus is only for tourists? If you live in Singapore and have a business that requires you to move many items, then you require the service of Platinum MaxiCab Singapore 9-13 seater minibus. We also cater to workers and employees who want to get to work on time and beat the traffic. Imagine you get ready for work, and when you set out, there is a vehicle readily waiting for you with your other colleagues so that you can all get to work on time. It beats having to spend time looking for a cab on the street and then being stuck in traffic, right? 

Also, if you want to embark on a business trip and avoid a part of your workers arriving late to the event, jump on the smooth transportation wagon. Platinum Maxi Cab Singapore is your one-stop transport service provider in Singapore. So beat the stress and traffic and treat your staff to a comfortable ride.


Platinum MaxiCab Singapore is 100% committed to providing you with the best transport services. We offer premium services both for business and leisure. Our 9-13 seater minibus is one of our fleet of affordable, comfortable, and safe transportation services. It is equipped with everything you need to have an exceptional journey in Singapore. 


How to book a 9-13 seater minibus in Singapore

You can book our services through our online booking platform, or you can place a call to our hotline to book our 9-13 minibus services. If you prefer texting to calls, you can also reach out to us via Whatsapp, and our team of qualified professionals will attend to you promptly. With your bookings intact, you are one step away from having a very conducive and comfortable trip in Singapore.

How to book cheaper 9-13 seater minibus in Singapore

There is no need to panic if you do not have cash on you. We have online payment options readily available for you. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, among others. We are ready to give you a luxurious and comfortable ride on a budget.    

There are various flat rate options that you can opt for and still get the best of your trip. You can reach out to our customer service center via call or Whatsapp to pick the rate option suitable for you. Likewise, you can make a quick stop and check our website for more information.  

6-Seater Lmousine (Maxi cab Singapore)

Luxury and comfort are key criteria customers look out for when considering car hire services. And there is no better way to travel in luxury and style than using our 6-seater limousine. Platinum maxi cab presents a delightful “quick taxi service around my location” in quality and perfectly working vehicles accompanied by an experienced chauffeur behind the wheel. Book your maxi cab now.

About The Platinum Maxicab 6-Seater Limousine

The 6-seater limousine is easy to drive around, and we have professional chauffeurs ready to take care of you. The 6-seater limousine can access every “rough” area, making it a convenient option. Trying to visit a stunning and gorgeous reception center situated somewhere around the mountains, going on a tour ride with families and friends, or visiting some of the wineries is no longer an issue for this versatile limousine to explore. 

Be rest assured to move around in style with room to “comfortably” spare up to 6 Passengers with our exotic stretch limousine. The 6-seater limousine is accompanied by plentiful rooms and top-notch amenities, which are readily on display for this limousine luxury stretch for your convenience. 

You can also hold a full meeting while on your ride to your destination or decide to kick back and have some cool drinks from the limousine’s full bar in it. In a luxury stretch, you are the chief executive.

Talking about the first class wedding event being planned ahead, with the six-person (7 seaters in total with another one person in front) capacity and all the amazing luxury amenities you could imagine from a standard wedding car. Fully covered with elegant black leather seats, with the availability of climate control ability, it offers the utmost comfort. With these alone, ensure your beautiful journey to the wedding venue is in a unique style. 


Where Can Platinum Maxicab 6-Seater Limousines in Singapore Take Me To?


Wherever you are headed, Platinum taxicab chauffeurs are always available to take you there at any time based on your request, either for your long trips or on your round trips. Whether you are traveling around for pleasure in your leisure time or for work purposes, our 6 Seater Limousine will always be ready to pick you up promptly on time when you want us to. 

Why is Client Satisfaction Important to Platinum Maxicab?

Since delivering the best ride services is something Platinum Maxicab is known for, getting you to reach anywhere you want to go precisely on time is something you will easily get used to. 

With our clean, spotless 6 Seater Limousines cabs and special care to ensure that your satisfaction is the target standard here. All Platinum Maxicab vehicles are well double-checked and carefully inspected in an effort to provide you with the best Singapore cab service nearby! 

Either you are you on your way to a night out within or out of the town? Or do you have a conference to attend? Or say, maybe you have a flight to catch? Or whether you are headed to any airport in Singapore, I can assure you that our 6 Seater Limousine is the best ride in Singapore that will go all out every time you need a ride.



Clients across Singapore have been utilizing our 6 Seater Limousines for a long time. We pride ourselves on delivering quality services. All Platinum maxi cab 6 Seater Limousines are fully licensed, with well-seasoned professionals having extensive knowledge of the area. When you choose Platinum maxi cab 6 Seater Limousines service “near my area,” you can always relax knowing that you are in safe hands with us. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I book a 6-seater limousine ride ahead of my event? 

That’s so easy. Easily dial +6597777524 or mail us at booking@platinummaxicab, and your booking will be instantly attended to.

  • Is it possible for me to book for more than a day? 

Of course, you can. You will only need to specify the duration you are willing to hire, and the rest will be taken care of.

  • Do you offer drivers once I hire a car, or will I do that separately?

Yes, we do, upon request.

4-Seater Wedding Car Singapore

Most maxi cab services are largely for leisure, excursion, and business purposes. And as always, Platinum
Maxi Cab has something special just for you. A 4 Seater Wedding Car in Singapore is an innovation that is not common
in Singapore, but yet we’ve made it available to you. A wedding is a memorable event, and we
understand that everything regarding it should be memorable.

We have made it extremely easy for newlyweds, about to get married couples, to create memories starting
from the car pick up to the wedding venue and reception. As always, we have made luxury a part of this

Your happiness means a lot to us, and we use our luxury fleets designed for a wedding to do just
that. A 4 Seater Wedding Car is a well-structured car specially constructed to help with the hassles on the
wedding day. When you think of the bride and groom’s transport, you have nothing to worry about.

Platinum Maxicab Singapore has got you covered. When you book with us, lasting memories are
Our 4 Seater Wedding Car provides couples with cozy and sentimental space, and trust us; Your privacy is
accounted for. Our Professional chauffeurs mostly drive this luxurious car. Knowing you are in safe
hands, you can always let your mind be at peace. Distance is not an issue, and we provide services
throughout Singapore.

4-Seater Wedding Car For Business

You might wonder how a cab specially designed for Weddings serves as a fleet for business. Well, our 4
Seater Wedding Car is an all-rounder. It can serve various purposes. It is incredible and designed to meet
all needs. It is easily convertible to meet any need at any time.

It also serves as a great opportunity for foreigners who want to tour the city. If it is a car of your choice,
you can use our 4 Seater Wedding Car to experience the city in a new dimension.

Our 4 Seater Wedding Car Service

We care for our clients, and your satisfaction greatly benefits us. At Platinum MaxiCab, we provide top-
notch travel services throughout Singapore. Our 4 Seater Wedding Car is available anywhere in

When you book with us, your wedding, honeymoon, picnic, tour, and business meetings are in absolutely
safe hands. We have quality chauffeurs on standby, ready to take you anywhere and anytime. The
remarkable trip you intend to have is what we offer you.

Why You Should Use a 4-Seater Wedding Car In Singapore?

You should travel with 4 Seater Wedding Car in Singapore for many reasons. If you value luxury, then
you should try it out. Aside from the professional chauffeurs who mount the wheel to take you around, the
car has great functions that generate a cautious and steady journey.

Amazingly, using a 4 Seater Wedding Car is a symbol of royalty and luxury. Imagine the thrill that comes
with you appearing at your wedding in an amazing fleet and with style. At platinum MaxiCab Singapore,

we know what you want and deliver just that. Our services are top-notch you wouldn’t have a cause for


Are you looking to create memories for your wedding? Or you want to enjoy platinum MaxiCab
we offer just that. Our 4-seater wedding car is the ultimate memory creator. Luxury and style are
guaranteed. Our chauffeurs are trained to help you reap the reward you desire.

How to book 4 seater wedding car in Singapore?

You can always book the 4 Seater Wedding Car without any issue. We run a 24-hour service that is always
accessible. We have multiple booking options.

You can book directly on our website

and you can always refer to our hotline by putting in a call. Our customer service representative is always on standby, ready to
attend to you. You can also send a message to us via WhatsApp.

How To Book Cheaper 4-Seater Wedding Car In Singapore
We understand that not everyone can get to afford the 4 Seater Wedding Car, that’s why we also decided
to introduce cheaper options that are somewhat similar.

At PlatinumMaxiCab Singapore, we want
everyone to enjoy a grand ride regardless of their social status. So, don’t hesitate to contact our service
through WhatsApp or via Call to get more information about this.

4-Seater Limousine Singapore

This 4-seater limousine is perfect for smaller groups who want to travel in luxury. With ample room for both passengers and their belongings, this vehicle is perfect for those looking for a comfortable and stylish way to get around.

Cab services have evolved over the years. Beyond convenience, a touch of luxury is increasingly becoming a key criterion in clients’ choice of cab service. And no luxury beats that of the 4 seater limousine, especially for a small group.

A 4-seater limousine, also known as a 4-seater limo, is a long luxury vehicle, mostly driven by trained professionals. This cab is well-suited for special events. The proximity of your travel destination to that of your place of work or residence doesn’t matter. Traveling with your car from one city to another can be quite a hassle, especially when you are on a business trip.

Cab services provided by cabs like the 4-seater limousine have proven to be a reliable solution. At platinum maxi cab, our 4-seater limousine provides you with the comfort and luxury you require for your next trip. Our 4-seater limousine cab is designed to carry 4 people with ease and comfort. 

4 seater limousine for business

4 seater limousine in singapore
4 seater limousine (2)
4 seater limousine (5)
4 seater limousine
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4 seater limousine in singapore
4 seater limousine (2)
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Like we have a dress for every occasion, there also seems to be a car for every occasion. But the 4-seater limousine is not a rigid service type of can. It offers flexibility, luxury, and reliability while also being fast. 

4 seater limousine is not designed to provide services only suitable for business. While many prefer the 4 seater limousine for business, individuals, groups of friends and a small family can also enjoy this luxury ride. If you want to enjoy a personal ride for leisure, then this is a great option for you. If you love to travel in style, this cab is for you. The 4-seater limousine is suitable for corporate events, weddings, parties and any other event. 

Also, the 4-seater limousine cab in Singapore is a great choice for a small group of tourists. It affords you a great experience as you absorb the city in luxury and style; nothing beats that. 

Our 4 Seater Limousine service

At platinum maxi cab, we offer top-quality travel services. Our clients are our top priority, and your satisfaction matters to us. Our 4-seater limousine services are available throughout Singapore.

Your business trip, corporate event or luxury journey is in safe hands when you book with us. We have a group of highly professional chauffeurs always on standby to ensure you enjoy the extravagant journey experience you crave. Our luxurious fleet is a perfect match for your event, and you can be confident with us. 

Why you should use 4 seater limousine in Singapore

A handful of benefits are associated with traveling with the 4-seater limousine. The 4-seater limo is a cost-effective travel option depending on how well you value luxury. Beyond that the limo provides reliability; providing you with a 4-seater limousine service means a lot to us. You can be rest assured to get the best service. 

Interestingly, the limo shows a sign of prestige. When you arrive for your event or business meeting with a 4 seater limousine, you ooze an aura of prestige that is beyond what many can envisage. Also, the limo provides you with comfort and privacy. It is well-designed to avoid every possible complaint.


The 4-seater limousine is a classy, comfortable and luxurious ride. At platinum maxi cab we offer you the best service. Your comfort matters to us, and that is our priority. We give you top-quality services you will live to remember. With our 4-seater limousine, you can enjoy comfort, prestige, privacy, reliability, security, and efficiency at a cost-effective price.



How to book 4 seater limousine in Singapore

Booking our 4-seater limousine service is easy with little to no fuss. Our services are available 24 hours daily. You can place a call to our hotline at any hour of the day. We have professionals on standby ready to attend to you. 

Also, we have an active WhatsApp platform available  24/7. If you cannot place a call, you can always drop a message for us on our WhatsApp platform our customer service will respond promptly. 


How to book a cheaper 4-seater limousine in Singapore

No cash? No need to worry. We accept online payment; Mastercard, Visa, and American Express are some of the acceptable payment options. The 4-seater limousine is a luxury cab. Even if you are working with a budget, there’s a limo for you. 

Our flat rates are cheaper options you can explore. Although to enjoy cheaper options, you can contact our service center via call or WhatsApp for more information

Pet Taxi in Singapore

Pet taxis in Singapore are available now. If you need to get your furry friend from one place to another in Singapore, there are a few pet taxi services you can use. You can book an online pet taxi in Singapore.

 A Pet Taxi

This pet taxi service is based in Singapore and offers transportation for pets of all kinds, including cats, dogs, and even rabbits. They have a large fleet of vehicles that can accommodate animals of all sizes, and they offer both local and long-distance transportation services.

Pets on the Move

This pet taxi service is also based in Singapore, and they offer transportation for pets of all kinds, including cats, dogs, and even birds. They have a large fleet of vehicles that can accommodate animals of all sizes, and they offer both local and long-distance transportation services.

Your pet is more than just an animal. Your pet is your friend, family, and companion. Therefore, your pet should be treated as such.

However, transporting your pet around the town in Singapore is difficult. If you call an Uber to transport your pet, there is a possibility they will ignore you if they know the service is for your pet. Of course, it’s no surprise as their job could be at stake. There are rules and regulations in Singapore guiding pets. 

Fortunately, we have the solution to your worries. Platinum Maxicab is here to help you. We provide top-notch Pet taxi service in Singapore. You can always trust us with your pets.

Why you should use a pet taxi

Not all public transport would allow a pet to jump on a ride with you.

A pet taxi would have all the necessary measures put in place for your pet’s convenience. Also, your pet needs professional handling. Not everyone understands how to handle a pet.


At Platinum Maxicab, our qualified professionals have the training to use proper measures and equipment to ensure your pet enjoys seamless transport without harm. Our pet taxi services include pet ambulance and animal boarding.


Why you should consider Platinum Maxicab for your pet taxi service

Pet handling requires experts. At Platinum Maxicab, we have a team of professionals trained for this. Our service focuses on the comfort and safety of your pet. Our chauffeurs have experience with this. They are animal-loving and experienced in this field.


In addition, not all vehicles and transportation services can handle pet transport. We have the license and skillset to transport your pet safely to your desired destination. Our vehicles are also suited for your pet’s safety and comfort. 


Also, we offer other professional transportation services besides Pet taxis ranging from cemetery visits, bicycles, moving items, airport transfers, Singapore city tours, wedding escorts, corporate events, wheelchair transfers, and attraction tickets.


Lastly, we provide good customer service. Also, our prices are affordable. You do not need to spend much money to transport your pet safely.

We are always on standby to attend to your needs regarding the Pet taxi and other transportation services.



Platinum Maxicab provides safe and reliable transportation for your special friend (Pet). We have a team of professionals on guard who are ready to serve you at any time. Our company is an excellent option if you want to transport your pet at an affordable cost. 



How to book a Pet taxi in Singapore

Your convenience is our priority. For bookings, visit our website. You can also reach us via WhatsApp, Email, or Phone call. This contact information is available on our website. Our customer service representative is always on guard to reply to you.

How to book cheaper Pet taxi in Singapore

The prices of our services have been made to suit everyone. Our prices are affordable depending on your choice of Service and Vehicle. You can contact us through our website for a Pet taxi in Singapore. All our contact info is also available on our website.