Growing demand for Pet Taxi

Pet transport services have grown quickly as pet adoption rates have risen. Furthermore, the rise in worldwide travel has resulted in a surge in demand for commercial animal transportation. Pet transportation can be extremely expensive, and it is often regarded as a luxury item. Thankfully, many transportation services are now offering pet taxi services to their customers.

Due to the enormous distances involved, pet owners are concerned about delivery security, and strong government limitations in a few countries are limiting the expansion of the pet carrier sector. However, an increasing number of mergers and acquisitions involving leading market competitors is likely to provide a lot of growth prospects for the pet delivery service throughout the projection period.

In this article, we will be looking at the reason for the growing demand for pet taxis, why has there been a lot of concern regarding how pet taxis should operate, and what is the best pet taxi here in Singapore.

Demand for Pet Taxi

Due to the expensive pricing of cars, few people can afford to acquire one. This makes it tough for pet owners to take their pets anywhere. To make matters worse, only service dogs are permitted on our public transportation system.

Regular taxis can also be used by pet parents as an alternative mode of transportation. However, even taxis encounter rejection; drivers may cancel rides out of worry that the animals may make a mess or assault them.

If you find yourself in this situation, consider hiring a pet taxi service to transport your furry friend. These service providers are dedicated to providing you and your pet with enjoyable rides.

What is some addressing concern pet owners may face when picking a Pet Taxi?

While there may be an increasing number of pet taxi services here in Singapore. The problem with the current pet taxi services is that they only cater to medium-sized dogs. While that may be the biggest market share of pets being transported. It left out other types of animals such as birds, reptiles, and other larger pets.

Apart from that, finding a taxi that allows pets to be onboard is quite special. Most taxi drivers do not like the hassle of having a pet that may most likely dirty the interior of the car either by shedding fur or littering the area. This is why most pet taxi services are able to charge premium pricing to pet owners who would like to transport their pets.

Why are the prices for Pet Taxi Services in Singapore Expensive?

Pet taxi services in Singapore typically charge between $60 to over $80 for a one-way ride. With weekends charging an extra $15 or more. With such a high premium to be paid, understandably pet owners will like to understand why prices are charged this way.

For most pet taxi services, having to disinfect and clean the interior of the vehicle is an absolute must in order for the next passenger on board to feel comfortable. Cleaning of the car would typically take 2 to 3 hours mainly vacuuming and making sure no furs or litter can be spotted within the car. Since there is a lot of labor work involved, pet taxi services would need to charge a premium for additional work as well.

Secondly, emergency ride pet taxi services are pretty common. Since most normal taxis are not well equipped to handle pets, especially during an emergency, pet taxi services are able to charge higher premiums due to their investment in equipment to handle pets. Items such as cages were disinfected with chemical sprays, and thick cloth covered the leather chairs.

Lastly, most of these pet taxi services driver are only there to make money. As the pet taxi service business drives in a high load of money. Most of these drivers are not specialize in handling pets. This means that you may not get the best service for what you are paying, which is a lot of money.

How to pick the right Pet Taxi service that is right for you?

Picking the right pet taxi service that is right for you is critical. While there are many pet taxi services currently in the market. Not many of them are properly equipped or great at handling pets. Worst still, they charge a high premium in order to make as much profit from this service.

This is why Platinum Maxi Cab has decided to enter the pet taxi service sector to disrupt and innovate this sector to provide pet owners with the top-of-the-end quality service that they are looking for. Do read below to learn why Platinum Maxi Cab may be the best pet taxi service there is now currently in the market.

Platinum Maxi Cab Pet Taxi Services

While most pet taxi services aim to make the most out of their clients, Platinum Maxi Cab aims to provide the best exceptionally quality service to transport pets all around Singapore. By providing more transparency when it comes to cost, the company has set aside cars to be on standby whenever there is a need for pet taxi services. This means that their pet taxi services are always available.


Departure Transparent Fixed Fare / One Way Single Trip: $55
Surcharge (If Applicable)
Midnight surcharge (12:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.): $10 Extra Waiting Time (Every 15 minutes): Additional Stops (for every stop within 2 kilometers): $10 – $20
Meet and greet upon arrival: $10 per hour Chartered (minimum 2 hours): $20

Apart from that, Platinum Maxi Cab is famous for its tour guide-style approach when it comes to driving its passenger. This means that the drivers are able to communicate well with anyone and are also able to share what popular destinations to bring their pets around Singapore.

If you are in need of a pet taxi service, do reach out to Platinum Maxi Cab for their transportation services. You can either visit the Platinum MaxiCab website for more services.

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