How Taxi Services Are Now Reaching Out To Provide More Services

Are you aware of how taxi services are now reaching out to services? Don’t be afraid and you’ll get a comprehensive guide on this. Pandemics have taught us that we should never be prepared enough for anything to occur. In the course of the pandemic, nations across the globe shut their borders for the first time. The globalization process came to a halt. Companies are unable to communicate with their overseas partners for assistance immediately. Therefore taxi services are now reaching out to providers more, businesses have to think outside the box to stay competitive.

A large portion of those who took taxis were tourists, the taxis were geared toward them. Platinum MaxiCab Singapore suffers a S$6 million loss because of the immense devastation caused by COVID-19. To fight the epidemic, taxi companies are currently reaching out to offer.

What are Taxi Services doing now?

If there is one thing we learn after 3 years of the pandemic, is that you need to be creative to make money as a businessman. As more and more companies are now moving towards remote working for jobs that do not require onsite to cut costs.

Taxi services are doing their best to find ways to cater to as much clientele as possible. Here are some examples of what taxi drivers are and how taxi services are now reaching out.


Providing support for the handicapped and disabled person
Even though more and more public transport is now able to better cater towards the handicapped and disabled person. The taxi service market has not changed much in over 50 years because having to change the inside of a car would bare heavy costs to not only the driver but also the rider for such an exclusive service. Would there be any changes in the future to support them, I doubt it.

Animal transportation services:

The pandemic has sparked a growing interest in the adaption of pets to take care of to relieve boredom. Pet owners would spend a large portion of their income on taking care of their pets. Whether it is for a new toy, an exclusive service, or a comfortable car ride. Pet taxi service has gained recent popularity as people now love traveling around Singapore with their pets. Companies such as Grab, PetBacker, and other taxi-hailing companies have started jumping on this bandwagon to provide additional services to customers.

Tour Guide inclusion services:

Although there may be a large fall in tourism coming to Singapore, many taxi drivers are still practicing learning how to provide an additional service of acting as tour guides for tourism. Some of these companies have even been able to reach out to tourist attractions to get a discount for their tourist to enjoy.

Apart from bringing tourists to attractions, drivers may also recommend popular food destinations of different ethnicity local food to try. With all these added services, it’s not surprising that acting as a tour guide for tourists is still one of the number 1 best earning added services from taxi services.

Delivery service:

If you thought that delivery service is for storage companies to do, then you are wrong. Many taxi services are now providing delivery services for small to large boxes of items ranging from keys to bicycles. The reason why taxi service delivery is in high demand is that they are able to collect parcels from shipping services and deliver them to the owner faster and more efficiently.

What is the likely future for Taxi services?

The future of any taxi service relies on how creative they can make money from their business. The innovation towards bringing costs down will be the number 1 factor in deciding which company will reign in supremacy. Transportation services will be growing in demand as less Singaporean are willing to buy their own vehicles.

Not only that, companies such as Tesla are already providing full-self driving delivery service of their client’s food and item to their doorsteps without having a human driver. When innovation of technology is heading this way, companies need to find out how they are able to still make money without having to go bankrupt from lack of innovation.

Is it good or bad?

For now, many taxi services companies are now competing against each other in their race to control the most market share in Singapore. Until then, the likely future of taxi service remains bright for us customers as more services will benefit us greatly.
PlatinumMaxiCab services
PlatinumMaxiCab Singapore is one of the most unique and interesting taxi services you can find in Singapore. Unlike big companies that are only aiming at a few focused areas to make money. Platinum Maxi Cab Singapore is mainly focused on providing services to medium-scale customers

Which would need more than 5 seaters. Here are the services they are able to provide:

Pet taxi
Wedding and escort service
Transportation to Malaysia
Wheelchair service
Tour guide and driver all-in-one service

With most of its earnings coming from tourism, Platinum Maxi Cab has achieved multiple awards such as the top quality service in Singapore SME and the 10-year service excellence award.
Why Platinum Maxi Stands out from the crowd
Platinum Maxi Cab is famous for its delivery of services and quality of work. While most taxi service businesses focus on the mass scale driving client back and forth. PlatinumMaxiCab aims to work with people who love quality service and high standards of detailed care for its client.

To highlight its work, the company has done a remarkable job in taking care of pets and people. The cars in PlatinumMaxiCab are able to be folded and tucked on one side so that wheelchair bounded people and large pet cages can be fitted into the vehicle with ease.

Where can I book the Service?

If you would like to find out more details on what services you would like to book, scroll to the top menu on the website to find out more about the type of services there are out there.

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