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New year, new plans. Did you make a plan to enjoy the journey? Are you looking to book a maxi cab from Singapore to Malaysia or a Jr tour?

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Malaysia and JB (Johor Bahru Tour) allow you to experience the rich culture, history, and capital of this Southeast Asian Country. While driving to Johor Bahru can be fun from Singapore, it is not always an option for everyone. Platinum MaxiCab Singapore has made it simple for you.

MaxiCab Singapore’s transport service will allow you to enjoy the getaway you desire. We make it possible to visit all the attractions and landmarks in JB that you have always wanted. We are proud to show you how luxury and comfort can be achieved in Malaysia and JB, which are known for their street food hawker hawkers.

Is there a cab service that offers Malaysian and JB tours?

Some cab rentals cannot provide JB tour services in Malaysia. All vehicles crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border need to have valid registration and a VEP.

Because of their proximity, illegal immigration has increased between Singapore and Malaysia. Due to this, strict travel rules are enforced between the two countries. All our fleets are registered at Platinum MaxiCab Singapore and we have the permit for you to go on a Malaysia or JB tour. There is nothing to be afraid of. You will always receive the best service.

Private Tour of Malaysia and JB

You don’t have to be worried if you are a solo ranger or someone who likes to keep it all to yourself. Platinum maxicab offers a private tour experience, just like many other transport companies.

We will give you the peace and solitude that you desire while you enjoy the sights and soak up the atmosphere.


Platinum MaxiCab Singapore – Why you should book your next Malaysian and JB Tour

We have created our tour packages to be as flexible as possible for all of our customers. Our tours go beyond shopping malls and hawker food. With a reservation, we will take you to all the famous landmarks and sites in Malaysia and JB. Our services are well-mapped to meet your needs.

Professional chauffeurs are familiar with every tourist attraction in Malaysia and JB. This allows them to provide the best possible tour experience. All classes of customers can enjoy our prices, which are very cost-effective.

We offer prompt services, know the value of time, and can help you manage it with our detailed tour schedule.

Tour guides are highly-trained. They are highly skilled in customer service and will ensure that you have a great experience. You can be sure of a memorable and enjoyable tour with our qualified professionals.

Our fleet for Malaysia and JB Tour

We have a variety of luxury fleets that can be used depending on the size and needs of your group. You can choose the 4-seater limousine for a small family or the 7-seater maxicab for a larger group. You can also use the minibus premium executive 6 seater limousine and the 13-19 seater bus for larger groups.


Enjoy a memorable tour of Malaysia and JB. Platinum maxicab Singapore makes sure that you have a great experience. Platinum maxicab Singapore has a team of professional chauffeurs, tour guides, and customer service agents who are available to make sure you have the best possible touring experience. Our fleet can be tailored to your needs and expectations for your tour.


Can I book Malaysia and JB Tours in Singapore?

You can book your next Malaysian and JB tour from Singapore. It is important to remember that not all cab rental companies offer this service.

How to book Malaysian and JB Tours in Singapore

It is quick and easy to book your Malaysia or JB tour with Platinum MaxiCab Singapore. Our website allows you to book your tour. It’s easy to navigate and user-friendly. You can also call our hotline or use our WhatsApp platform to reach us. Our services are available 24 hours daily. Our customer service department is available for any assistance you may need.

How to Book a Cheap Malaysian and JB Tour in Singapore

A service’s complexity will often decide whether it is cheaper. Contact our service center for more information.

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