Wheelchair Maxicab Service in Singapore

It is no doubt that the demand for businesses that offer Wheelchair Maxicab Services in Singapore for the elderly and people with disabilities. Day by day is growing as Singapore’s elderly population increases. This can be seen as more private hire services catering to wheelchair-bound people. Thus, wheelchair transportation has become increasingly widespread in recent years. With Platinum Maxicab Singapore, you won’t have to worry about folding up the wheelchair and placing it in the MaxiCab Singapore.

Our wheelchair-friendly taxi includes a ramp for easy entry and exit of the vehicle. Our friendly and trained personnel will also be guiding you throughout your journey. Book now!

Numerous satisfied local and foreign clients of Platinum Maxicab Singapore exist. We strive to ensure that every one of our customers receives a service that is both inexpensive and effective, allowing you to travel with ease and make your trip memorable. Along with our skilled drivers who will make sure you arrive at your location safely and on time. Our extensive fleet of Maxi cabs is prepared to meet your demands each day.
If you are looking for a wheelchair-accessible taxi for your loved ones, you have come to the right place! Read on to find out more about Platinum Maxicab’s well-known wheelchair service.

Our Wheelchair-accessible Taxi

Wheelchair users can travel to any destination using this non-emergency point-to-point transportation service. Our vehicles include a ramp for easy access to the wheelchair. A minimum of two harnesses or wheelchair restraint locks will also be used to secure the wheelchair in the Platinum MaxiCab. Our 7-seater Maxicab can fit 1 wheelchair guest and up to 4 other pax and 4 luggage. While our 13-seater Minibus can fit up to 3 wheelchair guests and 8 other pax! Simply give us a call to find out which vehicle would be the most suitable for your trip.

We believe in providing an inclusive transportation service for all our customers as travelling is an essential need. Thus, we aim to provide the best quality and affordable transportation for our wheelchair-bound customers. Every member of our staff takes great satisfaction in offering our wheelchair transport service in an approachable and compassionate manner, that is also convenient and hassle-free. While assuring their entire safety, we serve passengers with respect, minimise wait times, arrive on time, and depart from destinations quickly.

How Does It Work?

There is no need to dismount the wheelchair or transfer the wheelchair user onto the vehicle seat. Thus, the user will remain in the wheelchair throughout the journey. Our professional and highly experienced drivers will help you to push the wheelchair into the vehicle using the ramp provided with ease. Then, the wheelchair user will be belted up using the wheelchair seatbelt or the one that will be provided by the driver. Lastly, the wheelchair will be held down securely by restraints or straps to prevent it from moving during the journey.

We prioritise the safety and comfort of our customers, thus rest assured that our drivers will ensure that your wheelchair is secure before you go off. Our wheelchair service is available 24 hours island-wide, in just 15-20 minutes! Nevertheless, we highly recommend you to make advance bookings or simply give us a call for any enquiries.

Our Transport Services.

Our wheelchair MaxiCab service in Singapore provides a premium service, which includes airport departures or arrivals, one-way transfers and hourly bookings. We also provide a service for you to travel with your loved ones to a hospital to get a medical check-up. Our vehicles are regularly maintained to cater to your needs and provide the best comfort for our clients. Simply choose from our wide range of Maxi cabs or Minibuses as your wheelchair transport in Singapore.

As our drivers make sure you are at ease and prepared to depart, you can unwind and enjoy the ride. Your comfort and safety are important to us when you ride with Platinum Maxicab Singapore. Simply ask for wheelchair assistance when reserving a Maxicab online or by calling us! Our helpful staff will quickly organize everything for you so that your trip will go smoothly.

With Platinum Maxicab Singapore, our services will ensure that you get to your destination safely and on time. You won’t have to worry about tight schedules or long waiting times when booking with us! Our Maxicab wheelchair service starts from $65, as additional charges may apply. Simply look through our website or give us a call for more information. Book your Maxicab today.

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