Why I Recommend PlatinumMaxiCab when Traveling around Singapore

Have you ever traveled to Singapore?

Taxis are without a doubt the quickest means of transportation in Singapore for reaching any location at any time. When you go in a group and the distance is short, it is almost always an excellent alternative.

Expect to spend extra if you reserve the cab via phone, travel to the central business district, and travel at rush hour times, after midnight, and so on (CBD). In Singapore, all taxis are fully licensed and metered.

By waving your hand in front of a taxi stand, a hotel lobby, or anyplace else on the streets, you can call for a cab. When the majority of cab drivers change shifts between 16:00 and 17:00, late at night, and during rush hour, it might be challenging to hail a cab.

The old-school system of ride-hailing is long gone, convenience and quick service has become client preference requirement when choosing a ride-hailing service.

That’s where platinum maxi cab stands! As a first-time tourist traveling around Singapore, I have the best experience as a tourist and enjoyed the experience I had with them. So if you are traveling to Singapore for the first time and want to know more about the best ride-hailing service there is, do read on to find out why I think the company is my top pick!

About Platinum Maxi cab

Being in the industry for over 10 years, having achieved multiple awards most notably Singapore’s Platinum award for top-quality service. The platinum maxi cab has been at the forefront of uncontestable service and standards.

I met with Imman, the Founder of the company who is still working on the weird job so I ask “aren’t you already making good money as a business owner, why work so tirelessly as a driver?”

What he said was why I thought this company does care for its client and aims to provide top-quality service. He said that he would like to at all times experience what all his fellow employees feel as a driver once in a while, and also meet with tourists to understand how the company can provide better service for its customer.

As a business owner myself (I own a finance blogging channel www.hustleventuresg.com), I respect leaders who lead by example and show pride in what he does to excel in their quality standards and services.

After knowing more about what the company provides, here is what I believe the company shines in:

Provide multiple levels of services

Depending on what kind of service you would like, Platinum maxi cab offers a wide array of luxury vehicles from a 7-seater couch, a limousine luxury car, or even a 13-seater coach. So if you are feeling a bit cash-rich, do try out the limousine car, its soft comfortable leather seats, well-shaped backrest and ample space allow its rider to enjoy the comfort of the vehicle while traveling in style.

They Cater to All

The care and understanding the company has for others is always its top priority. Platinum maxi cabs not only serve wheel chair bounded, but they also serve a wide array of special needs including babies (they provide baby supporting brace seat belts) and even pets.

For travelers with disabilities, the company will provide a wheelchair-friendly Maxicab with ramp transportation. As Imman said that they believe that everyone should have access to convenient and safe travel each day.

Pet ride-hailing service has been increasingly popular as people love to bring their pets around. Unlike conventional caged containers that allow the client to store the pet. The platinum maxi cab offers a no-caged container to allow pets to stay in the container while still enjoying the connection with their owner.

Attraction Tickets Discount

The company is working hand in hand with multiple attractions in Singapore and can get a wide array of ticketing discounts from 5 to 25% off attraction tickets. If you have not decided where you would like to see during the online booking, you can also request the drivers during the ride about the discount on the attractions. That’s handy!

Not just a Taxi Driver

Platinum maxi cab drivers are not just taxi drivers, they are your tour guide and the best go-to guy for anything that you would need in Singapore. Platinum maxi cab drivers are trained to share what they know about Singapore’s history and culture so that they can share it with any tourist.

Not only that, Maxicab drivers are good at picking the best food area to eat. Singapore diverse range of food ranging from Chinese, Malay, Indian, and other Ethnic food. You can be sure you will be spoilt for choices.
Who doesn’t enjoy a one-for-one? With maxicab, you can significantly lower the cost of hiring a tour guide by employing a driver that is familiar with the area. Save money by not hiring a coach full of tourists; having to manage the coach’s schedule can be a major time sink and prevent you from taking advantage of all the activities Singapore has to offer.

They are a great event planner

Whether you want a late-night celebration, a marriage proposal, a wedding, or a memorial service. The Platinum Maxi Cab may offer each of these services. Simply share your request either through the app, email, or call on how you would like the event to be and they can do the rest. Simply amazing…

First Impression matters

Having a proper first impression does matter when you are traveling. Taxi drivers could be a make-or-break service that could change the experience of a tourist significantly if he/she experiences something flavourful or leave a bad taste.

That’s why the first time you travel to Singapore, Platinummaxicab aims to give the best experience for ride-hailing, getting you excited for your trip to Singapore and communicating with you to make sure you are enjoying your stay.

Connect with them

With the digital phase getting popular, platinum maxicab has revolutionized to have a website, mobile app servicing platform, and call center to reach out to. I recommend you check out their website first as more details can be found there, so do check out https://platinummaxicab.com/. For more information or inquiries, do contact them via email or give them a call to get a better understanding.


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