Why Platinum Maxi Cab serves a Vital role in our Singapore Tourism Industry

Whenever you travel to a country that you are not familiar with. There are two main impressions that would greatly dictate your impression of the country you travel to. Which are the airport and the taxi ride.

A taxi ride is the first point of contact with a local in the country. From picking up your luggage to set you into the car, to driving you to your destination. It may seem like the usual, but each point plays an important impression in how tourists will view Singaporeans.

Tourists usually love to get a taxi driver who not only knows how to drive from place to place. But also one that can act as a tour guide for them to show them around Singapore’s hotspots. What better way to get a taxi than the Platinum maxi cab?

Why pick Platinum Maxi Cab?

Imman, the founder of Platinum Maxi Cab found his passion in serving our tourism industry better by being the front-line image of Singapore. Over the years, he created a team of specialized taxi drivers that specialize in serving tourists in Singapore.

Even with the rise of companies such as Uber, Grab, or Gojek that offer affordable taxi services, the Platinum Maxi Cab is still thriving in the current market. With its niche business in serving with excellence for their customer, it’s no wonder first-timer in Singapore always call for Platinum Maxicab service!

Tour guide-trained Drivers

Who doesn’t like a 1-for-1? Having a driver that knows the ins and out of the place will help you greatly reduce the cost of having to spend money on a tour guide. Save the money of having a coach with other tourists to be with, having to work with the coach’s time can be a big time waster from not letting you enjoy the full activity you could have in Singapore.

Our drivers are trained to be the best tour guides around. We will always be ready to offer recommendations on things to do and places to eat in your city.

One of the Best Vehicles to Ride In

Platinum Maxicab has a variety of large transport vehicles. Whether it is a 7-seater cab, a 13-seater coach, or a 7-seater Limousine BMW car. So yeah, the cab has ample space and you can rest assured that you will have the best level of comfort.

The one thing that we stand out from the rest of the taxi services is we are able to serve the handicapped or disabled. We aim to serve our clients to the best of our ability, ensuring that platinum maxi cab clients are able to enjoy a 5-star treatment.

Support Events

Whether you request a late-night party, a proposal, a wedding, or a funeral event. Platinum Maxi cab is able to provide all these solutions. We are able to schedule all the requirements to support any of your requests.
We know where the Best Food is!
As a local Singaporean, he shares some of Singapore’s well-known local cuisine such as the Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab, and Nasi Lemak. Whether it is street food, hawker food, restaurant, or bar. We know where the best food is!

Easy-to-use Mobile app and Website
These days, transparency in an online business can be really tough, with multiple small hidden costs such as transaction fees, online management fees, etc. Well, the transaction is a real hassle!

The Platinum maxi cab has managed to solve that by partnering with transaction software companies to make online transactions seamless. Simply pay for the fee of a location you would like to enter, top-up additional if you have any requests, add any comment if you need and you are done!

The Leader in Hospitality

Singapore brings in about 19million of tourism annually before Covid-19. Taxi drivers are truly the backbone of Singapore’s tourism, as they provide an efficient and seamless experience to all visitors. With an extensive network of driver partners, a wide variety of vehicles, and cost-effective pricing, we are proud to be the leader in providing top-quality transportation services to everyone.

With over 10 years in the industry and achieving Singapore’s top prestige platinum award for its quality and standards. Platinum maxi cab strives to achieve the best experience for our customers to enjoy.


I recommend taking maxicab when traveling around Singapore, because it is not just easier and more convenient, but will also save you a lot of time. So if you travel around Singapore by train or bus, you will find yourself frequently getting off at one station or stop and then walking a little way in order to catch another bus going in the direction that you want it’s just so much easier to call ahead and have someone pick you up and take you right where you need to go.

The taxi drivers know what tourists want to see, where to eat and drink at night, and how much to pay for an entry ticket. For tourists who want a comfortable stay in Singapore, the best way is by booking a cab through Platinummaxicab.


The platinum maxi cab has apps for both iPhone and Android phones that are super easy to use, and their prices are usually less than cabs! So do book our service with the link down below.

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