9/13 Seater Mini Bus Singapore & Mini Bus Rental Singapore

We proudly introduce our 9 to 13 Seater Mini bus Singapore to our esteemed customer. 13 Seater Mini Bus Rental Singapore , where style, safety, and timeliness are paramount.

Toyota Hiace Minibus & Premium VIP Minibus

Our spacious 9 to 13 Seater Minibus and Maxicab, including the Toyota Hiace Minibus, ensure ample room for passengers and luggage, promising a comfortable journey for groups of all sizes.

Toyota Hiace Minibus

9-13 Passengers

9-13 Luggage Bags


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Affordable 9 to 13 Seater Minibus Singapore

Make your outings memorable by opting for our 9 to 13 Seater Minibus service, perfect for bringing together your friends or family in one convenient ride. Avoid the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles and ensure everyone reaches the destination together, with safety and happiness as our top priorities.

Benefits of 13 Seater Minibus Booking Singapore

Discover the advantages of choosing our Minibus service for your travel needs, especially when journeying with a large group:

Our 13 seater van offers ample space for up to 13 passengers, making it ideal for families, corporate groups, and travelers alike. Say goodbye to splitting into smaller groups and coordinating multiple vehicles, as everyone can comfortably travel together.

With a high roof, ample luggage space, and easy access through big doors, our 9 to 13 Seater Minibus Singapore is perfect for airport transfers, family vacations, corporate events, sightseeing tours, meetings, and more. Fold the last row of seats for additional luggage space, accommodating all your belongings effortlessly.

Rest assured as our experienced drivers navigate Singapore’s roads with ease, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the journey. Whether it’s a sightseeing tour or a corporate event, our professional chauffeurs guarantee a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Our wheelchair-accessible 9 and 13 Seater Minibuses in Singapore offer ramp or hydraulic wheelchair access, ensuring convenient transportation for passengers with mobility needs.

01 Platinum Limousine Minibus

13 Seater Mini Bus Singapore: Explore in Style and Comfort

Embark on your journey with our 13 Seater Mini Bus Singapore, where safety, style, and punctuality converge to offer you an unparalleled travel experience.

Various Fleet Selection

At Maxi Cab Singapore & Limousine Singapore, We provide a variety of opulent and comfortable cars, such as standard to Premium VIP Minibus maxi cab services, Mercedes MPV 7-seater maxi cab, Sedan Mercedes limo maxi cab, and Alphard limousine maxi cab. Vehicles are well maintained and regularly serviced.

6-Seater Alphard

$ 65.00

Maxicab Viano

$ 60.00

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Maxicab V-Class

$ 70.00

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9-13 Seater Minibus

$ 65.00

Wheelchair Access

$ 65.00

Mercedes E-Class

$ 65.00

Mercedes S-Class

$ 130.00

Pricing for 9 to 13 Seater Minibus

Experience hassle-free pricing for our range of 9 to 13 Seater Minibuses, ensuring you get to your destination comfortably and affordably.

Booking Types 9 Seater Hiace 13 Seater Hiace VIP Minibus
Departure One-Way
Midnight Surcharge (12:00 Midnight - 06:00 AM)
Additional Waiting Time Every 15 Minutes
Additional Stops For Every Stop (2km or more)
Additional Driveway Pickup
Arrival Meet & Greet
Hourly Chartered Min 3 Hours
*Price quote above is nett

Standard Big Taxi Singapore

Our Toyota HiAce, fondly referred to as the Ultimate Transporter, stands as the epitome of group travel convenience in Singapore. Ideal for corporate gatherings, family outings, or friends’ reunions, our big taxi Singapore offers a reliable and spacious solution. With experienced, licensed, and English-fluent drivers, your journey is in safe hands.

Standard 13 Seater Minibus with Ample Storage Space

Traveling with a large group demands comfort and convenience, which our standard 13-seater minibus readily provides. Equipped with generous luggage storage, our fleet ensures a stress-free journey for all passengers. Choose from our selection:

  • 13-seater Minibus Toyota HiAce Standard: The Paramount Transporter
  • 13-seater Minibus Premium VIP: The Supreme Explorer

Premium 13 Seater VIP Minibus Features

Our Supreme Explorer offers an exclusive and luxurious VIP experience, perfect for executive travel or special events like weddings. With lavish interiors, air conditioning, modern entertainment systems, and spacious legroom, your journey becomes an indulgent affair. Impress your guests with our VIP minibus hire in Singapore.

07 Platinum Limousine Minibus

Luxurious Interior of Toyota VIP 9 to 13 Seater Minibus with Comfortable Seats

Indulge in luxury with our Toyota VIP 9 to 13 Seater Minibus, boasting plush and comfortable seats designed for utmost comfort during your journey.

Perks of Minibus Service

  • Professional VIP Minibus services
  • Experienced and trained Chauffeurs
  • Full-day Hire
  • Flexible and transparent pricing
  • Doorstep pickup and drop-off
  • Comprehensive Minibus Maxicab Singapore solutions
  • Instant booking solutions
  • Always arrive on time
  • 24/7 booking availability

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Your journey starts with a booking

Discover the epitome of chauffeured transportation, offering stylish limousines, spacious maxi cabs, and minibuses to guarantee your journey is consistently comfortable and unforgettable.

Why Book 13 Seater Mini bus with Us?

Models and makes of the 13 seater van may vary, including popular ones such as Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, or the Fiat Ducato, among others.

Choose from a diverse range of 13 seater vans, including popular models like Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, or the Fiat Ducato, among others.

Our fleet of 13 seater minibusses is meticulously maintained, ensuring cleanliness and top-notch amenities such as superior air conditioning, comfortable seating, and ample luggage space.

Travel across Singapore affordably with our flexible mini bus rental Singapore offers. Customize your rental package according to your needs, whether it’s hourly bookings, pickup-only services, or full-day and multi-day hires. Our tailored packages cater exclusively to corporate clients, families, and small-group travelers.

Rely on our mini bus rental services with drivers for a hassle-free transportation experience in Singapore. Our licensed drivers ensure convenient pickups and drop-offs without delays, providing you with peace of mind throughout your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions !

We’re the Best In Town – Offering a Wide Range of Services

A 9 seater minibus can comfortably accommodate 9 passengers. However, if luggage is present, approximately 7 passengers can be accommodated in a 9-seater Toyota HiAce.

Our minibus Toyota HiAce can accommodate up to 13 adult passengers without luggage or 9 adult passengers with full luggage. The automatic sizable sliding door access and higher roof make passenger boarding and exit more convenient.

You can fit 9 to 13 bags and luggage in a 9-seater minibus and a 13-seater minibus.You can book a Maxicab (taxi Singapore) booking online via our online Maxicab booking portal at platinummaxicab.com
You can call our 24/7 cab booking hotline on +65 97775151 and make a maxi cab booking.

You can book a minibus a few days in advance or on the spot through our website, app, or by calling us on our hotline at Platinum Maxicab and Limousine Service Singapore.

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