5 Most Popular Limousine Service Cars in Singapore

5 Most Popular Limousine Service Cars in Singapore

Singapore’s long avenues, luxurious accommodations, and towering skyscrapers make it one of the world’s largest and most developed cities. For all of these reasons, plus the fact that you are already in Singapore, taking a limo chauffeur service is an absolute must. Most people associate limo car rental with driver Singapore with formal occasions like weddings and high school proms.

Discover the Best Limousine Service Cars in Singapore

However, a limousine is the perfect transportation for a variety of occasions and everyday commutes. Take airport transportation, for example; you may want a more upscale option.

For rides throughout Singapore, you can choose from a variety of limo chauffeurs. Familiarizing yourself with the possibilities can boost your experience and ensure you pick the right limo chauffeur service.

Here are five cars under limousine service Singapore that, when stretched, make excellent limousines. Think about them if you’re thinking about booking one. Although most cars can be stretched, a few are just more suited to the task. These five offer a better mix of space, safety,

comfort, and elegance. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at the 5 most popular limousine cars in Singapore.

Toyota Alphard & Vellfire (6 Seater Premium MPV)

5 Most Popular Limousine Service Cars in Singapore

Credits: Global Toyota

Popular among families and professionals who value comfort and style are the Alphard and the Vellfire, two 6-seater luxury MPVs; this is why it rank first on the list for the most popular limousine service cars. Long trips are much more tolerable because of the contemporary comforts (such as reclining seats) and quiet riding. Alphard and Vellfire horses are popular because of their reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Vellfire and Alphard cars are two examples of luxury multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) that are popular due to their roomy interiors, high-quality amenities, and six-person capacity. They are well-respected by families and business executives alike because of their reliability, cutting-edge technology, and pleasant ride.

People with greater discretionary cash and smaller groups needing a roomy and comfortable vehicle often choose a Vellfire or Alphard, two examples of Toyota’s premium 6-seater MPVs. You have found the perfect car if your next large gathering places a premium on comfort and room.

Launched in 2002 during a minivan craze, the Alphard car was marketed to affluent consumers as the pinnacle of Toyota minivans. In response to consumer demand for a more personalized experience with the 2008 launch of the second-generation Alphard, the business introduced the Vellfire. 

The third-generation Alphard car debuted a new top-tier Executive Lounge grade in 2015 and a redesigned rear suspension design with two wishbones for a more comfortable ride. Toyota increased the popularity of its minivans, the Alphard and the Vellfire, by upgrading them to ultra-spacious luxury saloons and pursuing even higher luxury.

New Alphard and Vellfire models meet the requirements of typical automatic parking systems, which have a length of 5,000 mm and a width of 1,850 mm. However, they make the most of those measurements to provide a roomy Toyota Alphard interior. Minivans have a robust and dignified appearance despite their seemingly flat side views.

Mercedes V-Class (7-Seater Premium MPV)

Credits: Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes V-Class is a seven-seat luxury MPV that is famous for its stunning appearance. Customers who are in search of an automobile that seamlessly blends utility, style, and versatility will be delighted. This is the reason it ranks second on the list of the most popular limousine service cars.

Business travelers, VIP groups, and premium tour operators often choose the 7-seater Mercedes V-Class. It is perfect for business trips, airport transfers, and carrying VIPs because to its roomy interior, high-end amenities, and contemporary style.

A lot of people choose the Mercedes V-Class (7-Seater Premium MPV) if they have a large family or if they just want a beautiful, practical, and luxurious car. Its innovative design, premium build, and stylish appearance set it apart from other luxury MPVs on the market. This cabin is ideal for a roomy, cozy, and functional trip because of its high-quality facilities and adjustable seating choices.

The V-Class MPV is a great option for those who want comfortable and spacious chauffeur-driven transportation. This vehicle can carry up to seven people in first-class luxury, making it ideal for airport transfers, business trips, or private events.

The V-Class is more than just a people carrier; it provides an unusual combination of room and versatility, so you and your party may do business, host events, or just rest on the way. It is ideal for any event since it ensures complete safety and comfort.

The chauffeur-driven V-Class has high-end amenities like air conditioning, leather upholstery, and complimentary Wi-Fi, guaranteeing a pleasant trip. The roomy interior is ideal for business, leisure, or both, and it comes with comfortable conference-style chairs and plenty of space for mobile meetings. If you give us enough notice, we can reconfigure the V-Class to meet your specifications. This multi-purpose vehicle is ideal for roadshows and long excursions because of its ability to hold eight big luggage.

Mercedes E-Class (4-Seater Executive Sedan)

Credits: Mercedes Benz

Executives often choose the Mercedes-E-Class because of its modern styling, roomy cabin, and solid build. Experts and buyers looking for a four-door car that prioritizes practicality, safety, and comfort have contributed significantly to its meteoric rise in popularity.

When looking for a more elegant and opulent form of transportation, many choose the 4-seater Mercedes E-class. Ideal for business trips and big gatherings, it has a modern design with high-tech conveniences and comfy seats. The popularity says it all; that is why it ranks 3rd for the most popular limousine service cars.

For executives and professionals in need of a vehicle that combines elegance, luxury, and performance, the 4-seat Mercedes E-class is an excellent choice. Its contemporary design, plush interior, and state-of-the-art facilities make it an ideal choice for both business trips and everyday commuting.

The E-Class has an abundance of standard safety equipment, a roomy interior, and comfy seats, making it hard to top for a premium executive vehicle.

The four-door Mercedes E-class sedan style provides luxurious options so customers may customize their car. The E350 sedan features a 255-horsepower inline-four, while the E450 boasts Mercedes E-class’s smooth 3.0-liter inline-six with 362 horsepower. Only the E450 six-cylinder powers the sleek coupe and soft-top convertible.

Luxury features in the Mercedes E-class include a power-adjustable steering column and a glove compartment cold box. Despite being considered standard in this price range, Mercedes’ sophisticated driver assistance and leather upholstery are available.

The Mercedes E-class has some of the most luxurious seats we’ve ever had and a gorgeous interior adorned with brushed metal and exquisite wood. A digital gauge cluster, heated front seats, adjustable ambient inside lighting, and memory settings for the driver’s and front passenger’s seats are standard on all models.

A panoramic sunroof, massaging front seats, a head-up display, and ventilated rear-seat cushions are all desirable extras in the Mercedes Benz E-class. While it has a smaller trunk than some competitors, the Benz has more storage space inside, so you don’t have to worry about your luggage. 

Mercedes S-Class (4-seater Luxury Sedan)

The Mercedes-S-Class is well-liked by many due to its contemporary features, plush interior, and unparalleled comfort, as well as its status as a top-tier luxury sedan. Distinctive and attractive to discerning drivers, it distinguishes out because to state-of-the-art safety features, robust performance, and meticulous craftsmanship.

Because of its opulence, sophistication, and comfort, the 4-seater Mercedes S-Class is a popular choice among famous people, diplomats, and other prominent clients. Its impression of understated sophistication makes it perfect for private resorts and other types of special occasions. Due to its popularity in the higher class families, it ranks at 4th. 

Immaculate Mercedes-Benz Class S Sedan with Four Seats: Dignitaries, businesspeople, and luxury car enthusiasts hold the S-Class in the highest respect because of its state-of-the-art technology, lavish interior, and unparalleled comfort. Famous individuals and those seeking the pinnacle of performance and luxury often choose it for its opulence and high quality. The S-Class represents the zenith of luxury vehicles because of its state-of-the-art amenities, exceptional handling, and meticulous construction.

After the Mercedes Benz E-class, we have the S-class. In luxury automobiles, an S-Class symbolizes more than simply the top-of-the-line. Its passengers are considered very attuned to its operator. With the S-Class, your most important things are more important than ever.

The MBUX, or Mercedes-Benz User Experience, is both clever and intuitive and becomes smarter with use. A modern digital cockpit with many screens and touch capabilities can identify your fingerprint and react to your voice commands.

The latest technology is encased in exquisitely crafted leathers with exotic wood and metal accents, showcasing an enduring commitment to precision and craft. Everything from the switches to the speakers, the stitching to the sculpting, contributes to the overall aesthetic balance.

With Burmester® 3D Surround Sound, people interested in rental with driver Singapore can enjoy customized, immersive sound. Seats equipped with resonators allow you to experience the music in the High-End 4D option physically. Instead of broadcasting the information to the whole cabin, it is directed at the driver using ear-level speakers.

VIP Toyota Hiace ( Premium Luxury 9/13Seater Minivan)

Credits: Toyota Central

The VIP Toyota Hiace is one of the most distinguished high-end minivans due to its roomy interior, which can carry nine to thirteen people, and its abundance of high-end conveniences. Its reputation for being long-lasting, stylish, and sturdy is included in transportation for VIPs, corporate functions, and costly holidays. This service car ranks fifth because of its exquisite features and celebrity usage. 

Companies, tour groups, and parties seeking a first-class minivan often choose the VIP Toyota Hiace. You can fit nine or thirteen people here. With its roomy space, high-quality furnishings, and flexible seating options, this cabin is perfect for hosting big parties during your vacation rental.

The VIP Toyota Hiace is a favorite among hotels, elite transportation services, and luxury travel firms because of its spacious and comfortable seating for thirteen people. Luxurious outings, corporate functions, and VIP transportation are all well suited to its roomy interior, first-rate amenities, and flexible floor plans. If you’re looking for a reliable, secure, and elegant group luxury vehicle, the Hiace is a great choice.

The VIP Toyota Hiace exhibits style and practicality in its flawless combination of high-end amenities and everyday utility. This minivan stands out with its roomy interior and sophisticated design, making it ideal for demanding customers who value comfort and adaptability. Thanks to its 9—or 13-seat configuration, it easily accommodates big groups for a variety of activities, from business gatherings to family vacations.

Luxurious leather upholstery, an upgraded audiovisual system, and practical extras are just a few examples of the VIP Toyota Hiace limousine’s meticulous design and high-quality construction. Every trip, no matter how long or short, is like flying first class, with plush seats, plenty of legroom, and the option to choose your seating arrangement.

Private users and luxury transportation providers love the VIP Toyota Hiace for its opulent interior and dependable performance. Its agile handling and robust engine guarantee comfortable transportation, and the roomy cargo space provides plenty of room for gear or baggage.

Bottom Line

The above is just a partial list of the cars that make the greatest limousines. All of the above are common, and the costs range widely. However, if you’re looking for some next-level cab chauffeur service with appointed drivers, we have it covered. Enjoy superior refinement with Platinum Maxi Cab‘s limousine service in Singapore. 

From the modern and elegant exteriors to the plush and sumptuous interiors, our chauffeur service provides a comfortable and practical way of transportation across this lively city-state. With our rental with driver Singapore, you can be certain that you will arrive at the location on schedule and in great style.


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