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Our Fleet

Select from a variety of fleets that range in size from Platinum MaxiCab Singapore. We have every kind of transfer to suit your requirements. We also accept requests for custom orders and can assist you in the acquisition of specific fleet.

From $288

Wedding Limo Service

Platinummaxicab.com offers the most affordable yet elegance wedding car rental fleet that would make your bridal photographs even more beautiful

  • Merc E Class
    3 hr – $288
  • Alphard Mpv
    3 hr – $355
  • *Include Decoration
From $65

Wheelchair Maxicab

We offers premium wheelchair transport services to ensure that disabled travelers can also travel in comfort and luxury

  • Wheelchair Services-$65
  • Bulky Items -$65
  • Bicycle tranfer-$55
From $130

Malaysia Transfer

1 Way Transfer


  • Economy 4 seater $130*
  • Economy 6 seater $150*
  • Premium 4 seater $170*
  • Premium 6 seater $190*
  • Maxicab 9 seater $220*
  • Maxicab XL 14 seater $250*
From $120

23/40 Coach Bus

Looking for Adhoc charter,single, return or disposal trips for special occasions or excursions? We take all private company functions, business visits, events, weddings, family outings,departure ,arrivals

  • 23 Seater $120
  • 40 seater $150
From $65

6 Seater Premium

An Executive Ride, the 6 Seater Mpv, either an Alphard or the Vellfire are the kings amongst mpv’s in Singapore. When required it serves as an executive Limousine. Well known for its style and comfort level

x 6 | x 4

From $55

4 Seater Limousine

This classic limousine ensures comfort and smooth ride for your passengers at affordable prices. Choose between our Mercedes E-Class or S-Class

  • E-Class $55
  • S-Class $120

x 4 | x 2

From $65

9/13 Seater Mini Bus

The 9-13 seater hyper-stretch limos have more seats and adjustable configuration seat Learn more..

  • 9 Seater – $65
  • 13 Seater – $75
  • VIP Exec – $85
From $55

7 Seater Maxicab

The 7 seater super stretch limousine has two opposing seats that have a middle section,the most popular cabs in Singapore

  • Viano – $55
  • V Class – $65

x 7 | x 5

Chauffeur has a wide array of pricing options to meet all of your needs

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MaxiCab online booking in Singapore

MaxiCab online booking in Singapore, you can book a MaxiCab online through various platforms but Platinum MaxiCab is the best transport provider. These companies allow you to book a MaxiCab in advance and also provide you with the option to track the location of the maxi cab in Singapore. Additionally, you can also book MaxiCab through their website or by calling their booking hotline at +65 9777 7524 in 24 hrs 7 days.

You can also check with the providers on their own website or call the booking hotline to make the reservation. You can also compare the prices and services before making the booking.

Maxicab Singapore

Indeed Maxicab Singapore refers to a type of large Maxi cab or minivan available for hire in Singapore. These vehicles typically have a capacity of 7 or more passengers and are often used for airport transfers and group tours.

You have other transportation needs that require more space than a standard maxi cab. They can be booked in advance through a variety of online platforms or by contacting a local taxicab provider.

A MaxiCab in Singapore

A MaxiCab in Singapore is a larger version of a taxi, typically able to seat up to 7 passengers. They are often used for group transportation, airport transfers, and long-distance trips.

You should know that MaxiCabs can be booked in the same way as regular taxis, through booking apps, calling a booking hotline, or hailing one on the street.
MaxiCab also has a feature of advanced booking, so you can book your ride in advance.

You will also get the option to track the location of the taxi and pay for the ride. It is a good option for group transportation and it is also more comfortable than a regular taxi.

Get a Maxicab in just 15 minutes!

Platinum Maxicab Singapore offers a relaxing travel experience with our convenient and economical taxi service. We provide limousine cars as well as luxury sedans or minivans that can seat up to 7 passengers like the Alphard /Vellfire or the Mercedes Viano. We also provide 9 to 13-seater vehicles which include our minibus and the VIP Exclusive Maxicab. Wheelchair-friendly vehicles are available to cater to travelers with disabilities, as well as for bulky items.

Our Platinum MaxiCab vehicles are regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure that they are in quality condition each day. We strive to ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience for our customers, as well as to provide consistent service with our 24-hour hotline at +65 9777 7524.

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Professional Taxi Service In Singapore

Are you searching for an affordable, reliable, and trustworthy MaxiCab solution in Singapore?
Platinum Maxi Cab Singapore is the day that we connect thousands of passengers through a vast network of licensed, insured MaxiCab drivers as well as high-end vehicles. We’ve been providing the most efficient taxicab Service within Singapore for over 20 years with the intention to make travel comfortable and safe.

Easy Online Booking

Platinum maxi cab is one of the best maxi cab booking company in Singapore. If you want to book maxi cab, Wedding and escort, Wheelchair Taxi &Transport, Mercedes Sedan Limousine or other vehicle. so follow the easy way:
1. Click on the online booking button, fillup your destination and address,then submit. or if you want to so call (+65 9777 5151, +65 63683587) us, Email: booking@platinummaxicab.com. we support 24/7.

Professional Drivers

Our evry drivers is very porfessional. they are always very friendly.They are very efficient and active. We can tell you with 100% assurance that we will get you to your destination safely

Best service in singapore

We have a big fleet Of vihcles. Our service is best in Singapore. our main goal is passenger satisfaction. because passenger satisfaction is our success.
our very vihcles are neet and clean
we always provide cheap rate
we drive to arrive safely
after 50km we do not charge anything
we support 24/7.

Online Payment

Our payment system is very easy. if you want so you can payment us online like strip, PayPal, pay now, crdite card payment and if you want so you pay us in cash.

Enjoy Different Maxicab Services With Us

7 Seater Maxi Cab

When you are with us, getting a spacious vehicle for your travels in Singapore will not be a challenging task. Just book our spacious 7-seater cabs now.

9 to 13 Seater Maxi Cab

We have the best taxi service in Singapore because we offer 9–13-seater maxi cabs that are clean, well-kept, and modern at low prices.

Sedan Limousine 4 Seater

Experience a luxurious and comfortable journey in Singapore by booking our Mercedes S-Class and E-Class for your transportation requirements.

Alphard or Vellfire 6 Seater

Want to book an executive ride in Singapore for corporate meetings or events? Contact Platinum Maxicab, the best place to enjoy a private taxi service in Singapore.

23, or 40-seater bus.

Why book separate vehicles when you can travel comfortably in a group while enjoying every moment with your family or friends by booking our luxurious buses!

Malaysia Transfer

You can book our Singapore to Johor and Malaysia taxi service to enjoy cross-border transfers without any issues. Call us now for more details

Wedding Limousine

It’s time to make your special day memorable by booking Platinum Maxicab’s affordable wedding limos. Book wedding limousines now for you and your special guests.

Wheelchair Taxi & Cabs

We offer premium wheelchair with ramp transport services to make sure our passengers are comfortable, safe, and pleasant when traveling with us

Why choose Platinum Maxicab?

We are the most trusted and highly experienced maxi cab transportation service provider in Singapore. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Besides, we have different types of vehicles, like limos, 7-seater maxi cabs, 40-seater buses, and more, to meet your unique transportation requirements. We also offer an affordable taxi service from JB to Singapore and other places. Don’t think much and book a taxi now with Platinum Maxicab Singapore.

How to book a maxicab in Singapore?

There are several ways to book a maxicab in Singapore:

1) Call a Platinum maxicab company hotline +65 9777 7524  24/7. You can find the contact information for maxicab companies in the phone directory or online booking portal. Simply call the company and explain your transportation needs. They will give you a quote and help you book the service.

2) There are several ride-hailing apps available in Singapore, but the Platinum Maxicab is the best, that allow you to book a maxicab online with just a few taps on your smartphone. Simply download the app, create an account, and follow the prompts to book a ride.

3) Book through a travel and transport provider Platinum Maxicab: If you are planning a trip to Singapore and need transportation, you can book a maxicab through a travel with us. We can help you arrange transportation for your entire trip and handle all the details for you.

4) Use an online booking service: There are online booking services, such as Platinum MaxiCab, that allow you to book a maxicab in advance. Simply visit their website, select your pickup and drop-off locations, and choose the type of vehicle you need.

Regardless of the method you choose, be sure to confirm the details of your booking, including the pickup location, drop-off location, and price, before the ride. Thanks!


How do i can call a big taxi/ maxi cab in Singapore?


1) Dial the Platinum Maxicab  hotline number:
Maxicab call: +65 9777 7524
2) Filout our online booking form

To book a taxi through the booking form, you will need to filout and enter your pickup and drop-off locations.

Alternatively, you can also hail a taxi on the street or at a designated taxi stand. Just look for a taxi with an “Platinum maxicab” sign on the roof and wave it down. Make sure to check the meter and make sure it is running before starting your journey.

How do I book a 6 seater taxi in Singapore?

There are a few options for booking a 6-seater taxi in Singapore:

1) You can to Platinum Maxicab hotline +6597777524, or use our online booking form for book a 6-seater maxicab. Keep in mind that not all taxis in Singapore are 6-seaters, so it may be difficult to find one this way.

2) You can book a 6-seater taxi in our website. Some popular taxi companies in Singapore include Platinum maxicab singapore.

Regardless of how you book your taxi, it is important to verify the vehicle size and seating capacity before getting in the car to make sure it meets your needs.

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These guys are so reliable, I can always count on them to get me to my business meetings on time regardless of the traffic, weather or time of day!

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These guys are so reliable, I can always count on them to get me to my business meetings on time regardless of the traffic, weather or time of day!

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